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Are you an admin of a fedi instance? Consider adding #Tor Federation support!

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin


also hi brodie this is like the 3rd time we're (probably) involved in a video of yours again since you're gonna be making a video on this #fediblock#fediblockmeta#fediadmins#fediadmin#mastoadmin#mastoadmins#spam

RE: Kuroneko incident

#fediadmins are advised to temporarily disable sign-ups for now, or implement some anti-spam measure to limit signups to not get spammed.
Currently they are targeting #misskey and #mastodon, but other #activitypub servers may soon be targeted.

More details will be posted soon. Stay tuned. #fediblock#fediadmin#fedadmins#mastodadmin#misskeyadmin#cybersecurity#spam

There's currently an incident involving some kind of Japanese skids who call themselves the "Kuroneko" organization.

They seem to be attempting to commit DDoS attacks on Misskey servers, constantly creating new accounts on compromised instances and spamming advertisements for their hacking services.

Admins who are federating with these compromised servers, while they might not get compromised themselves, may be affected by the sheer amount of traffic volume from their spam.

Admins are advised to #fediblock or temporarily stop sending requests to affected servers for now, if they don't want to get secondhand DoS'd

IMO I never expected them to be Japanese out of all things, kinda funny. They also host VOICEROID and VOICEVOX TTS bots on their Discord apparently. Kinda a weird flex I guess.

But yeah, probably just a bunch of skids.

I think I found the domain name of #Threads, #Meta's new #Fedi-enabled service, also codenamed #Project92, #P92, and #Barcelona.

IPv6: 2a03:2880:f231:c5:face:b00c:0:43fe (note "face:b00c")

Looking up returns #Instagram's logo, the title "Barcelona" and "this page isn't available" (probably because it's not open yet).

I'd recommend every #MastoAdmin #FediAdmin in the #FediPact to #FediBlock them before they go live on the #Fediverse!

We, the moderation and administration of, are signing the Anti-Meta Fedi Pact in fellowship with our peer communities. (

There is over a decade of precedent that Facebook will not have users' best interests as their guiding principle but rather profit margins, if it joins the Fediverse.

We at have long held the belief that corporation owned instances are a threat to the core of the Fediverse: freedom for users to be themselves and to be a part of their communities. The 2010s saw the loss of online freedom when the majority of the Web was consolidated into a few destinations, and Facebook entering here could lead us back to centralization. Furthermore, NDAs for server admins will constrain our sovereignty online by binding us legally from disrupting their business.

We are not products. We are people, and we do not welcome Facebook in this space.

#meta #FediPact #facebook #project92 #mastodon #fediverse #FediBlockMeta #FediAdmin #p92 #MastoAdmin

By the way, We have joined hundreds of admins and mods across the fediverse in pledging to block Facebook/Meta-owned servers (and have already blocked a couple likely domains):

Facebook's right-wing bias, lack of moderation, and extremely successful attempt to essentially replace the web in vast portions of the world have been disastrous for the Internet and society in general. I have also seen several cycles of giant corporations running services using open protocols and, once they've captured a big enough userbase, switching to a proprietary system and then killing it off whenever they feel like it.

A better Internet is possible—but not funded by ads and run for profit by a single giant evil corporation.

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #meta #MetaMeta

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