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Content warning: TheBadSpace, Death Threats

Content warning: fediblock, transmisogyny directed against me

Content warning: fediblock, racism, antisemitism, transphobia

Content warning: fediblock tech[dot]lgbt for racist harassment on top of history of racism and antisemitism

Content warning: Fediblock

hey look, another trashy instance for #fediblock:

Content warning: fediblock, hatred towards Ukraine, anti-Ukrainian slurs on the screenshots

Content warning: :techlgbt: fediblock

Here's how to #FediBlock your entire server from (edit: as well as, a subdomain of Instagram) on #Mastodon 4.1.0 and above (I'm unsure about how to do this on other #Fediverse #servers, sorry:


1. On Mastodon, go to Preferences > Moderation > Federation.
2. Click "Add new domain block".
3. Type "" (no quotes).
4. Set severity to "Suspend".
5. Click "Create block".

Screenshot of the domain blocking menu in the Federation tab of the Moderators tab in Mastodon's preferences menu, only available to Mastodon moderators and admins.

Here's how to #FediBlock on #Mastodon 4.1.0 and above (I'm unsure about how to do this on other #Fediverse #servers, sorry:


1. Create a txt document
2. Type "" (without quote marks)
3. Save as "blocked_domains.csv"
4. On Mastodon, go to Preferences > Import and Export > Import.
5. For input type select "Domain blocking list".
6. Upload blocked_domains.csv.
7. Click "Merge" so is added to your block list. Do NOT click "Overwrite"!
8. Click "Upload"!

Screenshot showing Mastodon's CSV import menu with "blocked_domains.csv" uploaded as a domain blocking list with "merge" selected.

I think I found the domain name of #Threads, #Meta's new #Fedi-enabled service, also codenamed #Project92, #P92, and #Barcelona.

IPv6: 2a03:2880:f231:c5:face:b00c:0:43fe (note "face:b00c")

Looking up returns #Instagram's logo, the title "Barcelona" and "this page isn't available" (probably because it's not open yet).

I'd recommend every #MastoAdmin #FediAdmin in the #FediPact to #FediBlock them before they go live on the #Fediverse!

Screenshot showing's HTML <title> tag is "Barcelona" and it also returns the Instagram logo, a minimalist white camera icon on a gradient yellow-pink-blue background. Screenshot of's Cloudflare DNS records, showing an A (IPv4) record, and an AAAA (IPv6) record 2a03:2880:231:c5:face:b00c:0:43fe. Both have the Facebook logo presented to the left of them.
Screenshot of text from reading "Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Threads."


peertube dot se belongs to the fascist nordic resistance movement, whose goal is to turn the Nordic countries into a totalitarian nazi state.


Domain is a testing ground

Hello !Friendica Admins ,

worth a #fediblock is the domain *, it floods the fediverse with uselesstesting domains, just check these few examples:

I keep you posted if I discover more such domains.

Edit: My first response was like many have fallen into: Woah! That's a spam domain! But it turns out, users can test their (mainly) API code. I'm in contact with the product manager. You can reach him, too.

#fediblock Neil

He’s a trans extremist blocking freespeech

Note to whoever boosted this Christofascist's introduction where he said he was banned for his opinion without saying what his opinion was:

You MUST ask what the bannable opinion was!!!

Anyway heads up to other mods: I bet Mastodon.Online will ban him soon, so keep an eye out.

#FediBlock #Christofascism #Homophobia #Transphobia #BlockList

Expert Man Official says to me: "I am a Christian and I am against any trans/LGBT+ people.
It is against the Bible (The Epistle to Romans, chapter 1, verses 21-32 proves that!) so I shared my opinion and got banned. :-(
Looking still, for a Mastodon instance, that would allow me as a, well, Christian, to share my opinions free
Still, haven't found. :-(
P.S. A user/youtuber known as VKC (Veronica Explains) has introduced as transphobic, they had reported my account for "harassment" because I told my opinion about them.

#Fediblock milkers[DOT]online for impersonating other fedizens. The admin makes fake accounts which might ruin someone's reputation if they're taken for real.
Screenshot of milkers dot online's about page, where we can see vector1dev's, azriel's and ilyamikcoder's fake accounts. They are set as moderators on this instance.

I just wanna shoutout for #fediblock

reasons: well, harrassment of other users, transphobia and probably even covid denialism (from what i can see and tell from the admin’s account, @ demitasse, at a glance)

seems to also be a single-user instance as there’s only one account showing up when looking up that instance via the Admin-FE (on another instance I’m an admin on)

#fediblock mfs explaining how blocking and harassing an instance full of neurodivergent trans women protects against transphobia
guy talking fast while using a whiteboard

Spammers being spammers, they're currently creating the same accounts over multiple instances and mass follow people. A github issue has been opened to find a way to block such accounts.

#fediblock #fediverse
a spammer in action

Content warning: Fediblock

Content warning: transphobia, fediblock

@Gargron Holy crap, do yourself a favor and don't look at the rest of the posts on that instance or that guys other instance.These instances seem to be entirely for trolling/hate and need to be defed.
domains are shrimpposter. club and shitposter. club
@aras #fediblock

instance for "independent fundamental baptists" [note: 1611 is the year of release of the KJV bible], admin interacts with nicecrew digital (an openly neo-nazi instance), and is regularly homo- and transphobic

it was #IWD right? A week in which ppl were celebrating the women in their lives?

Let me be shameless for a moment, and say that if you use #fediblock

this would be a great time to tip the 2 babes that started it & got ppl into it.

We do lil things to make communities better that ppl use often and daily.

Show us some love & leave us a tip



venmo @AMarciaX
$AMarciaX cashapp

having a morning full of liquid shits this morning #fediblock

soapbox so hard to see stuff on there, but the admin (i think) replied to me with an infogalactic link (nazi wikipedia) and the one post federated here is xenophobia and antisemitism and just every-ism

Content warning: FediBlock, LongPost

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