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"LIke spam" and (nearly) empty profile

As I said earlier, I very rarely recommend #FediBlock distinct accounts, not for a different view on things (that would be personal) but for malicious behavior, like spammers do.

Here is the account, I recommend considering blocking:

The account itself has only an avatar image and #watch #my #secret #video written as a profile bio. That is very typical for spammers. Also it doesn't post or comment anything.

Here is a screenshot:

EDIT: Looks like her real name is Jessica Albos:

This is typical for "nude avatar spammers", who grab a model's or leaked pictures of an attractive looking woman and then abuse it for attracting clicks to them. The last step doesn't actively happen here, but her watch my secret video should lure horny young men to her profile outside Diaspora.

Content warning: fediblock post

Stop Using Threads consumes a list of users and tells you which of those users interact with Threads. You can use it to remove Threads participants from your timeline.

You can find out the tool's opinion on you by entering your own name, or you can just Submit with default settings to find out about Gargron.

Data practices, anti-abuse and opt-in/out are behind the link. If you didn't opt into search, you're not visible here either.

#threads #fediblock

Content warning: fediblock,, misinformatiom about the bad space, racism

Due to #spam and #antisemitism, the following server is recommended for #Fediblock:

I discovered this server when I was following up on a spam report, and noticed that they also host anti-semitic content as well.

Here’s an example of a spam account that has not been removed, despite my reports, and has been functioning since February 7th:

And here’s an example of anti-semitism:

Screenshot is also attached.

If you run a Mastodon server, especially if it's small and only lightly moderated, I would STRONGLY suggest enabling 'Approval required for sign up'. It means that your server is MUCH less likely to become the next source of spam in this wave we're seeing.

#MastoAdmin #Fediblock


also hi brodie this is like the 3rd time we're (probably) involved in a video of yours again since you're gonna be making a video on this #fediblock#fediblockmeta#fediadmins#fediadmin#mastoadmin#mastoadmins#spam

RE: Kuroneko incident

#fediadmins are advised to temporarily disable sign-ups for now, or implement some anti-spam measure to limit signups to not get spammed.
Currently they are targeting #misskey and #mastodon, but other #activitypub servers may soon be targeted.

More details will be posted soon. Stay tuned. #fediblock#fediadmin#fedadmins#mastodadmin#misskeyadmin#cybersecurity#spam

There's currently an incident involving some kind of Japanese skids who call themselves the "Kuroneko" organization.

They seem to be attempting to commit DDoS attacks on Misskey servers, constantly creating new accounts on compromised instances and spamming advertisements for their hacking services.

Admins who are federating with these compromised servers, while they might not get compromised themselves, may be affected by the sheer amount of traffic volume from their spam.

Admins are advised to #fediblock or temporarily stop sending requests to affected servers for now, if they don't want to get secondhand DoS'd

IMO I never expected them to be Japanese out of all things, kinda funny. They also host VOICEROID and VOICEVOX TTS bots on their Discord apparently. Kinda a weird flex I guess.

But yeah, probably just a bunch of skids.

@stux Opinion on

I think it looks like #fediblock material

Anti-trans, anti-queer, global warming denial, magat talking points, ... It has everything.

#FediBlock and for bridging fediverse folks to Bluesky against their will (and in likely contravention of GDPR in the EU) with typical Silicon Valley techbro sense of entitlement:

“[O]pt in results in far fewer users, and users are critical for a bridge to be useful.”¹

Relevant GitHub issue:


HT @homegrown

#bridgy #snarfed #fediverse #mastodon #bluesky #bridging #optOut #optIn #consent #gdpr #eu #SiliconValley #techbros

A little-advertised bridge just appeared between the Fediverse and Twitter founder Dorsey's new social network. It intends to bridge accounts that don't opt out.

Doing this as opt out is a pretty immoral thing to do. Also unclear how legal opt-out bridges are in some countries. The bridge is using these domains:

Server admins may want to defederate these to prevent their members being bridged without their knowledge or permission.

(via @mastodonmigration )


Content warning: fediblock

Content warning: TheBadSpace, Death Threats

Content warning: fediblock, transmisogyny directed against me

Content warning: fediblock, racism, antisemitism, transphobia

Content warning: Fediblock

Content warning: fediblock tech[dot]lgbt for racist harassment on top of history of racism and antisemitism

Content warning: fediblock, hatred towards Ukraine, anti-Ukrainian slurs on the screenshots

Content warning: :techlgbt: fediblock

Here's how to #FediBlock your entire server from (edit: as well as, a subdomain of Instagram) on #Mastodon 4.1.0 and above (I'm unsure about how to do this on other #Fediverse #servers, sorry:


1. On Mastodon, go to Preferences > Moderation > Federation.
2. Click "Add new domain block".
3. Type "" (no quotes).
4. Set severity to "Suspend".
5. Click "Create block".

Here's how to #FediBlock on #Mastodon 4.1.0 and above (I'm unsure about how to do this on other #Fediverse #servers, sorry:


1. Create a txt document
2. Type "" (without quote marks)
3. Save as "blocked_domains.csv"
4. On Mastodon, go to Preferences > Import and Export > Import.
5. For input type select "Domain blocking list".
6. Upload blocked_domains.csv.
7. Click "Merge" so is added to your block list. Do NOT click "Overwrite"!
8. Click "Upload"!

I think I found the domain name of #Threads, #Meta's new #Fedi-enabled service, also codenamed #Project92, #P92, and #Barcelona.

IPv6: 2a03:2880:f231:c5:face:b00c:0:43fe (note "face:b00c")

Looking up returns #Instagram's logo, the title "Barcelona" and "this page isn't available" (probably because it's not open yet).

I'd recommend every #MastoAdmin #FediAdmin in the #FediPact to #FediBlock them before they go live on the #Fediverse!


peertube dot se belongs to the fascist nordic resistance movement, whose goal is to turn the Nordic countries into a totalitarian nazi state.


Domain is a testing ground

Hello !Friendica Admins ,

worth a #fediblock is the domain *, it floods the fediverse with uselesstesting domains, just check these few examples:

I keep you posted if I discover more such domains.

Edit: My first response was like many have fallen into: Woah! That's a spam domain! But it turns out, users can test their (mainly) API code. I'm in contact with the product manager. You can reach him, too.

#fediblock Neil

He’s a trans extremist blocking freespeech

Note to whoever boosted this Christofascist's introduction where he said he was banned for his opinion without saying what his opinion was:

You MUST ask what the bannable opinion was!!!

Anyway heads up to other mods: I bet Mastodon.Online will ban him soon, so keep an eye out.

#FediBlock #Christofascism #Homophobia #Transphobia #BlockList

#Fediblock milkers[DOT]online for impersonating other fedizens. The admin makes fake accounts which might ruin someone's reputation if they're taken for real.

I just wanna shoutout for #fediblock

reasons: well, harrassment of other users, transphobia and probably even covid denialism (from what i can see and tell from the admin’s account, @ demitasse, at a glance)

seems to also be a single-user instance as there’s only one account showing up when looking up that instance via the Admin-FE (on another instance I’m an admin on)

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