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Master malware analysis with these six must-know Linux commands!


Content warning: death threats, violence, update on fedi spam

RE: Kuroneko incident

#fediadmins are advised to temporarily disable sign-ups for now, or implement some anti-spam measure to limit signups to not get spammed.
Currently they are targeting #misskey and #mastodon, but other #activitypub servers may soon be targeted.

More details will be posted soon. Stay tuned. #fediblock#fediadmin#fedadmins#mastodadmin#misskeyadmin#cybersecurity#spam

If you're here for the nerdy hacker toys, consider donating to the Black hacker collective I founded with @rekcahdam. And be sure to follow our team accounts @dataparty + @rfparty

Donations made here go to helping us start a Black owned software company.

In return we're building open source linux mobile apps and games and need help getting off the ground so we can make more content and tools.

#gamedev #appdev #cybersecurity #opensource #linuxmobile

Ending soon! 35% off on The Linux Foundation's assortment of cybersecurity courses:

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Save up to 35% on The Linux Foundation's cybersecurity courses!

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Don't get haunted by the threat of a data breach. 👻

Get started with a 35% off on security courses, certifications and more:

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Say goodbye to the CAPTCHA system, Cloudflare has introduced something new to combat unwanted spam.

#privacy #cybersecurity

AI Stirs Up More Privacy Issues on Zoom - SR146

Your next Zoom meeting could be used to train AI, India is pushing ahead with their revised data privacy bill, several alarming vulnerabilities in popular CPUs and more!

Welcome to the Surveillance Report - featuring Techlore & The New Oil to keep you updated on the newest security & privacy news.

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#privacy #security #news

Here are 11 effective ways to safeguard your personal information and maintain your privacy online.

#privacy #cybersecurity

Looking for a new job in #Cybersecurity?

My team is hiring a Senior Technical Architect to manage the security of the *entire* domain name space.

Happy to chat informally about the role. Big challenges at the heart of Government and a chance to write national level policy.

Fair warning, it is *always* DNS!


Proud to announce: tenacity pays off, I am moving up in the academic pyramid! Starting in September my next step will be as a #PhD candidate over at #Utrecht University. 🥳 I get the opportunity to work on human factors in organizational #cybersecurity, supervised by Kate Labunets and Slinger Jansen.

Looking forward to expand my network with new connections. Anyone from #UtrechtUniversity #UniversiteitUtrecht here on Mastodon? #phdlife :boost_requested:

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