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Content warning: death threats, violence, update on fedi spam

The #Tory model for #socialcare:

1. defund local councils, while retaining their social care responsibilities;

2. Budget cuts make #infrastructure increasingly harder to maintain (or replace);

3. 'Encourage' councils to use private provision to make up gap between need & public provision for care;

4. 'allow' market rates to be set by providers & open sector to #investment to spur 'innovation' in provision;

5. watch taxpayers money flow to the rich (not the needy)

One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct

"The journey drew a line, with a string of one hundred mules, between #LosAngeles and the source of its water in the Eastern Sierra... Mules were an important component of the labor force that made the building of the aqueduct possible. This action paid homage to the quiet dignity of the mule and the patient pace of its progress across this epic landscape." #asstodon #Infrastructure

Why we think every scholarly organization, but in particular scholarly societies, should not just migrate to #Mastodon, but host their own instances - and what that has to do with the journals many scholarly societies use to generate revenue:

#fediverse #openscience #openaccess #infrastructure

“Data shows for the first time that the peak demand for electricity this summer will exceed the amount we can generate from on-demand, dispatchable power, so we will be relying on #renewables to keep the lights on.”

But rather than fix the grid, #Republicans spent their time in the #Texas legislature trying to block renewable #energy:

#environment #infrastructure #ClimateChange #TXlege #politics #news #USpol #OilAndGas

Extratonal Infrastructure #2 with Eric Kinny, Tisa Neža Herlec & Friso van Wijck

Date Saturday, 4 February 2023
Door 20:00h CET
Start 20:30h CET
Entrance 5 euro
Location Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

It is with some pleasure that we're able to announce that the quest for extra tendencies will continue all throughout 2023. Every month extratonal infrastructure will invite advanced artists to approach the concept of extratonality from unexpected angles between the walls of Varia. Our first event of the year takes place on the 4th of February, where visitors will come face to face with performances by Eric Kinny, Tisa Neža Herlec and Friso van Wijck. This time the program will focus on the interaction between film, music and performance. A trip around the world, for which you only have to travel to the Gouwstraat!

#rotterdam #varia #extratonality #infrastructure

Content warning: Masto meta danger via the question why is it so hard to self-host email?

Never forget, a 13-year study of a dozen cities found that protected bike-lanes led to a drastic decline in fatalities for ALL ROAD USERS. And painted bike-lanes? No safety improvement at all. As for sharrows, it’s safer to NOT have them. Via #StreetsblogUSA, read their article. #bikelanes #bikes #cities #transportation #mobility #sharrows #infrastructure #urbanplanning

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