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Fed up with the “my way or the highway” attitude of mainstream social media?

You can go for one of these decentralized alternatives instead:

#privacy #decentralized

So Nextcloud believes:
"#Privacy is a fundamental human right" Only posts videos to #Google's #YouTube.

"building #decentralized alternatives" Only posts videos to a centralized platform.

"We believe in open source" only post Videos to a proprietary platform.

"We value sustainability". Only posts videos to the platform using the most energy.

"users time is important", Only posts to a platform with forced ads.

"fostering diversity/community." Avoids community video networks eg #Peertube.


So exciting! Please consider mirroring these talks on #peertube as @penpot did with their latest #penpotfest @penpot_app

What better way to promote #decentralized platforms and #foss #floss alternatives, it seems like a perfect fit😀

#penpot #fediFirst #fediverse #activityPub

DWeb New York May 2023

May 20
DWeb New York May 2023
Sat 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM
DWeb New York

About this event

Come hang out with folks associated with DWeb principles in New York City. This month we're being hosted at Blackbird Infoshop in Kingston, NY.

We will have a presentation on peer-to-peer technology and mapping by Mauve (github) followed by a hike in the Hudson River Valley.

Mauve is an Occult Enby that's making local-first software with peer to peer protocols, mesh networks, and the web.

Mapping has long been a tool of coercion and control, let's take back our geography!

(We will stream the non-hike portion via

How to get to Kingston via mass transit

Via Trailways bus from NYC port authority:

Via MetroNorth from NYC's Grand Central Station

From either of these locations, you will need a lift to Blackbird. Please contact the coordinators. There are rides available.

Apr 30
DWeb NYC Node Meetup: April Edition
Sun 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
DWeb New York

Come hang out with folks associated with DWeb principles in New York City. This month we're being hosted at Biotech Without Borders, a member-led community lab providing low-cost access to molecular biology facilities and other biotech-related tools.

As food for thought, members of the lab ask you to consider the question: What do you want out of a decentralized research institution and what types of projects could it enable that aren't possible in traditional institutions (industry R&D, academia) because of our current incentives?

Come up to Suite 319. Please keep the door(s) propped open and if you're unable to get in please call or text 7086371289 and someone will come down.

Hope to see you there!

Content warning: Masto meta danger via the question why is it so hard to self-host email?

this making it to the front page of reddit could have a huge impact on Mastodon gaining exposure! Reddit loves #decentralized #opensource content.

David Eastman examines Mastodon's federated approach in a "decentralized Twitter" series he's been doing for The New Stack.

#Mastodon #Federated #Twitter #Decentralized

An open-source browser with P2P tools and something interesting as a bonus!

#OpenSource #Decentralized

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