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Is there some arbitrary cutoff on #Mastodon where you can't access posts in your feed older than a certain time? Like, right now I cant see anything oder than 9 hours when I try to scroll back in the web UI, it just stops loading more posts. Seems to effect my 3rd party client as well. @Gargron

Is there any #merchtodon that is not synonymous with late Neolithic 80s thrash metal?

Asking for a friend.

#merch #merchandise #mastodon


Summing up tests "activating" and "deactivating" @[Mentioned people only] on #mastodon. Apparently there have been some changes.
(from v3 to v4?)

You can't add more people into already existing posts. They won't be able to display it nore get notifications.
(if that ever existed)

You can deactivate/delete mentions, the profile won't get notifications of updates but still can see or search those toots.
still awaiting confirmation of behaviour on #friendica


Almost everyone who says "Mastodon didn't work for me" on Bluesky seems to have posted only "me me me" stuff for months (if that) on Mastodon, followed about 10-20 people, never replied to anyone and then gave up because "nobody there, it didn't fly".

It seems there is a big misunderstanding how this free and healthy social media works. We are not here for the easy wins, likes, shares and dopamine spikes. We are here because we accept the fact we are not part of the commercial hype machine. We choose natural engagement over spoiling algorithms, we choose conversation and meaning in our social media. At least that is how I see it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #SocialMedia

Wow, this @xkcd is really excellent.

#Space tip: if you’re ever lost in the inner #solar system, you can just type out the phrase “Optimistic #Aliens measure space typographically” in times new roman and use the dots as a #map



#Astronomy #Meme #Mastodon

Space tip: if you’re ever lost in the inner solar system, you can just type out the phrase “Optimistic Aliens measure space typographically” in times new roman and use the dots as a map

We finally put up the Christmas tree! Not finished decorating, so not posting a full picture, but here are the Mastodon baubles my wife made, in their rightful place 😊

#Felting #Mastodon #Christmas

A brown felt Mastodon in a red Santa hat hanging from a natural Christmas tree illuminated by pleasantly warm white fairy lights.
A blue felt Mastodon with rosy blushing cheeks in a red Santa hat hanging from a natural Christmas tree illuminated by pleasantly warm white fairy lights.

I couldn't find a good Mastodon toot scheduler, so I'm making one. Here's a preview - I'd love your feedback and collaboration!

#Mastodon #mastodonapp #ux #ui #webapp #softwaredevelopment #git #schedule

The image displays a user interface of a scheduling application named "Mastodon Scheduler". The UI features a navigation bar with various icons at the top, and below that is the main content area split into two columns. On the left, there's a section titled "Your Message" with a text input box, an "Upload Image" button without any file selected, and a "Schedule Time" input with a date-time picker. Below these options are "Post or Schedule" buttons. On the right side, there is a list of "Scheduled Posts" showing various posts with scheduled times and small preview thumbnails. One post is highlighted with a message "Successfully scheduled your post for 2023-12-17T12:03". The background color is purple, and the application is open in a web browser.

I just realized that not only I celebrate a whole year of Doodle O'Clock in November, but also it's been a year since I have been here on Mastodon!

Thank you so much for having me around here and being the absolute most lovely corner there is online ❤️

#Illustration #Drawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #Mastodon #fanart

Cleopatra VII died in 30 BCE & the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed ~2560 BCE.

In other words, the charismatic Egyptian queen lived closer in time to the invention of #Mastodon than to the building of the Great Pyramid. #history

Cleopatra and Ceasar by Jean-Léon Gérôme portrays the scene in which Cleopatra emerges from the carpet—probably somewhat disheveled, but dressed in her best finery—and begs Caesar for aid, the gesture that won over Rome's future dictator-for-life. With his help Cleopatra regained Egypt's throne. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Incidentally that centralisation-with-content vs. decentralisation-with-empty-stream debate escalated quickly on #mastodon, where the old-timers told me that they forbid other servers to proxy their public content, it would violate their rights, and they would netwide-ban servers using other servers' public posts to populate their local stream. I am still dumbfounded.

New Blogpost: Why not BlueSky?

#activitypub #bluesky #mastodon #SocialMedia

Do you need help with using Mastodon and the Fediverse? Especially if you're a beginner or unsure about techy things?

You can ask by messaging me or replying to this thread, and I'll try to help or find someone else who can help. Don't worry if a question seems silly or basic!

You can also look things up on the guide at, which has an "essentials" section at the top and a complete list of answered questions below that.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

#Mastodon mugs are very comfortable to drink from. I’m really happy with how these turned out. Shout out to @dopatwo for all the official artwork as always! Only 125 left in stock!


The Mastodon winter mug held in a hand in front of winter decorations, like candles and a penguin shaped cookie jar. The mug itself features little elephants playing in the snow and building an elephant shaped snowman.

New #Mastodon merch is now live just in time for Black Friday! A new, cozy, winter-themed mug, tote bags, and reprints of enamel pins, t-shirts and stickers—limited stock and 20% off!

The Mastodon winter mug. On it, you can see little colorful elephants build an elephant-shaped snowman, with snow and fairy lights in the background. The Mastodon enamel pin, featuring a happy elephant fly on a paper plane, with the Mastodon logo on the side.
The Mastodon winter mug, from a different angle. You can see more elephants playing in the snow, and the Mastodon logo on a blurple-colored sky. A Mastodon sticker pack, featuring 3 round stickers with elephant adventures, and one Mastodon logo sticker.

Strangers offering unsolicited advice or derailing conversations should be familiar to all who use social media. In our new #Mastodon for Android update, we’re testing a new feature aimed to curb these behaviours:

@heluecht @one @sascha

Bei #Pleroma sind mir neulich schon Unterschiede in der Implementation im Vergleich zu #Mastodon aufgefallen (an anderer Stelle).

Wenn #Pleroma #ActivityPub "erweitert", würde es die Kompatibilität zum Standard brechen...!?!

Someone needs to get you some Christmas mastodon baubles #christmas #bauble #mastodon

New #Mastodon for Android update comes with lists and a reworked home tab. We won't stop until it's the best social media app on Android!

most of European politics are still on X because they paid a lot for fake follower packages. They hold on to their investment and there's no yet such fake accounts business on #Mastodon

Now would be a *really* good time for #Mastodon to make the photos forced into our timelines by the flashy new #PreviewCard either globally optional by user, or at least hideable on a post-by-post basis

How many time are we going to be forced to see #Musk's smirking face just because some web site we'll never visit is using it as click--bait

"I’ve now been using [Mastodon] for about two months and I am here to tell you that it is, in principle, what we should want the internet to be."

via @404mediaco

#fediverse #mastodon #SocialMedia


Contact Them All Via ,This Guy Has Been Create Help For Me Being Heard With MP's, Police, NHS, BT/EE, & More 😀

Donate: £50 - £100 ,& Conact All CEO's Offices/Head Offices & Senior Governmental Departments In #EU & #Uk & #Europe ,Too Join: #Mastodon With Their Own Servers/Instances, & Join The Larger #Fediverse On: #Mastodon / #MastodonSocial / #PexilFed , & #Meta #Threads & More 😀

We Are In Uk, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe Vs #BRICS R,C,I,

WOW great timing then for me making my #mastodon profile, I’m a Canadian but I love #europe and Europeans and want to immigrate there 😸 Be interesting if he does.

Now it would be a good time for journalists, politicians and *scientists* to set up and use an account on #Mastodon

#twittermigration #xmigration #chemistry #glycotime #science


maybe #Mastodon should quickly set up a crowdfunding campaign to start a proper marketing campaign asap?

@Nathan Schneider I'd love to have a look at the second document, but ACM is very unfriendly towards well-secured desktop browsers. I ended up IP-blocked due to what was perceived as non-standard behaviour which probably means that I haven't just loaded the page and then the document exactly once.

That said, I guess the author of that document steps right into the same trap as everyone else who does something related to the #Fediverse without being an avid, well-informed user of many months, namely assume that the Fediverse is only #Mastodon. Granted, the document is about, quote, "Popular Mastodon Instances", but it might also mention interaction with the rest of the Fediverse and do as if this whole rest of the Fediverse is only Mastodon. This is more than just a technicality: Some aspects about Mastodon rules do not translate to all Fediverse projects, others do not translate to anything that is not Mastodon.

@Gargron @renchap
Thanks for your replies, I assumed that this behavior was intentional because of the privacy-focus of #Mastodon. If this isn't the case, and it maybe could even be solved, it would be really great. It seems like this isn't only generating problems for me (which aren't that important, to be honest).

And also in English: The nice new preview cards (no irony, I really like them) seem to cut off URL-Parameter. That means that we see less and less traffic coming from #Mastodon on @heiseonline. Because more and more #instances get the update, and more people click on the preview and not the URL.

That means that my little summaries are getting quite worthless: I don't know if we could/or would want to add the URL-Parameter to the previews.


Link with URL-Parameter
Preview without URL-Parameter

Ach Mist, das war's dann wohl mit meinen Statistiken zu #Mastodon als Trafficquelle für @heiseonline:

Hab gerade bemerkt, dass die schönen neuen Vorschaukarten den URL-Parameter abschneiden, über den wir überhaupt erfahren, dass Besuche von hier kommen. Je mehr Instanzen diese neue Vorschau nun anzeigen, desto mehr Einstiege werden darüber kommen und für uns nicht mehr erkennbar.

Weiß nicht, ob wir das überhaupt beheben können/wollen.

#Fediverse #MastodonMigration #SocialMedia #News

Screenshot eines Mastodon-Posts mit URL (inklusive URL-Parameter)
Screenshot eines Mastodon-Posts mit URL und Vorschau, deren Link den Parameter nicht enthält.

The 2022 Annual Report is now available for download! 2022 was an interesting year for #Mastodon to say the least.

Hey there! Just wanted to share some exciting news with you. #SpaceHost is now providing fully-managed hosting services for #Mastodon. How awesome is that? 😄 Currently, it’s in closed beta but guess what? If you’re on our waiting list, you’ve got exclusive access! Woohoo! 🎉

Oh, and speaking of future updates, we’d love for you to join our waiting list right here:

Looking forward to having you on board! Cheers!

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