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RE: Kuroneko incident

#fediadmins are advised to temporarily disable sign-ups for now, or implement some anti-spam measure to limit signups to not get spammed.
Currently they are targeting #misskey and #mastodon, but other #activitypub servers may soon be targeted.

More details will be posted soon. Stay tuned. #fediblock#fediadmin#fedadmins#mastodadmin#misskeyadmin#cybersecurity#spam

We’ve just published an update about this Mastodon trial which has been running for the last 6 months – you can read it here:

We are going to continue our trial here for at least another six months while we share our findings internally and seek more engagement from other BBC teams. We are also planning to start researching ways to publish more BBC content using ActivityPub.

#mastodon #ActivityPub #socialmedia

I’m going to attempt to explain in general terms how I think about an #ActivityPub bridge.

I’m over on Bluesky. I see this interesting ActivityPub account coop-AT-cosocial-dot-ca. I’d like to follow it!

It has open follows, so the bridge subscribes to that account on my behalf. It’s kind of like a “bridge instance”.

Depending on how the bridge is implemented, maybe you see boris-bluesky-AT-bridge-instance

Ryan Barrett posted about his forthcoming #ATProtocol <> #ActivityPub bridge and had a lot of people lose their minds

He wrote a great article back in January entitled “Moderate people, not code” that is good background

> “Whether ActivityPub or ATProto or webmention, the underlying technical protocol a community uses to interact online is a poor way to judge who they are and whether you might like them.”

Image upload works! And those photos percolate through the #fediverse!

I still need to add proper alt text (just a static description for now).

And the UI is 💩

But I'm pretty pleased with how far I've got in a few hours of hacking away.

It is *totally* possible to build a location-based service on top of #OSM and #ActivityPub!

🆕 blog! “Rebuilding FourSquare for ActivityPub using OpenStreetMap”

I used to like the original FourSquare. The "mayor" stuff was a bit silly, and my friends never left that many reviews, but I loved being able to signal to my friends "I am at this cool museum" or "We're at this pub if you want to meet" or "Spendi…

👀 Read more:

#ActivityPub #fediverse #FOURSQUARE #geolocation #OpenStreetMap

Great to see the ActivtyPub Plugin continue on a fast development timeline:

The WordPress ActivityPub plugin has been updated to version 2.0. The major feature of the release is better comment federation. Comments are now properly threaded, which makes it much easier to follow and understand threads where people are replying to each other. Comments are now also bidirectionally federated. Creator @pfefferle explains:

“When you respond to comments from the fediverse on your blog, they will now be federated. This allows you to finally engage in (threaded) communication back and forth directly from the comment section of your blog!”

#Activitypub #Fediblogs

I think that fully integrating #ActivityPub into Flipboard's backend is going to be one of the best things we've done since we started the company.

There are three phases:

Phase 1 (Today): Federate 25 accounts to test and learn

Phase 2 (January): Enable anyone in the Fediverse to engage with any public curator on Flipboard

Phase 3 (April): Enable anyone on Flipboard to follow and engage with any public account in the #Fediverse

Check out my Medium post for more

Advocates for #ActivityPub - IF YOU HAVE A #WORDPRESS SITE, have you installed the ActivityPub plugin?

At the State of the Word address this week, Matt Mullenweg was asked about support for the plugin, and he commented that less than 5,000 sites had installed it. So he wasn't sure how interested people are in it.

So... if you have a WP site, let's start installing that plugin and making more sites available via ActivityPub! 😀

#StateOfTheWord #SotW

We just released the ActivityPub plugin v1.3.0 on!

Happy threaded commenting 💬

#activitypub #wordpress #automattic

Every now and then, technologists are able to translate their strongly held beliefs into action for the benefit of society. Sometimes these actions result in new features, apps or platforms but it's especially powerful when this happens at the protocol level.

In the latest episode of Dot Social I talk with @evan about how he helped get #ActivityPub started, how it's going, and what he hopes for next. Check it out here.

New Blogpost: Why not BlueSky?

#activitypub #bluesky #mastodon #SocialMedia

Our CEO, @mike just launched a new podcast series titled "Dot Social" to explore the evolution of the internet and how new open standards, like #ActivityPub, can forever change the web and the world of social media.

Guests include:

More info & episode 1 at

#Fediverse #SocialMedia

@heluecht @one @sascha

Bei #Pleroma sind mir neulich schon Unterschiede in der Implementation im Vergleich zu #Mastodon aufgefallen (an anderer Stelle).

Wenn #Pleroma #ActivityPub "erweitert", würde es die Kompatibilität zum Standard brechen...!?!

@one @sascha @heluecht

Könnt Ihr genauer erläutern, wo und wie #ActivityPub Emoji-Reaktionen unterstützen soll?

Das "Activity Vocabulary" kennt "Like" und "Dislike"...

I've been working on the command-line API client, ap, for the #ActivityPub book I'm writing for O'Reilly Media. It's a Python program that implements commands like `ap inbox` (read the inbox) and `ap reject follower` (reject a pending follower).

Originally, I was testing it live, just running it against This weekend, I buckled down and wrote real unit tests with unittest.mock. It's been amazing; what a great tool.

For this weekend's coding project, I built a tiny single-user Bluesky→ActivityPub one-way bridge I named “Pinhole”. If there's someone on Bluesky whose posts you want in your Mastodon feed, you can download and run it yourself: :fietkau_software:

Caveats: 1. I intentionally built it anti-scalable: you can use it to follow one Bluesky account from one fedi account, and that's it. 2. You need experience with web servers.

#fediverse #ActivityPub #MastoDev #Bluesky #atproto

Does anybody have any news on ?

I would really needs those applications to developer my #activitypub #rustlang server...

friendica VPS setup on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

@Friendica Support

I'm working on my first #friendica #VPS installation, here you'll find my initial post about general thoughts like what distro to use, size and costs.
I'm using the tutorial "creating a friendica server - ubuntu" by @Hank G ☑️.

As of now I'm doing well in the process and want to start this post to document differences and questions while installing the server.

This server is going to host an already existing friendica node I have to move from another hosting provider. That means that for example the DB doesn't have to be created from scratch but moved and other smaller details.

I will try to address the different steps of installation in answers to this post and appreciate help, ideas and observations.

I'm doing this from a #linux desktop environment from the console but there shouldn't be differences if you want to do this from a #windows machine.

#fediVerse #tutorial #fediHelp #activityPub

In #ActivityPub "governance" at the moment people are mostly #dogmatic #NGO crew, some are #mainstreaming careerism, others are doing #geekproblem #grassroots careerism.

Neither of these are real friends of any alternatives, they are friendly enemies ;)

I started a FEP to define an #OAuth 2.0 profile for the #ActivityPub API (“c2s”):

I’d appreciate any feedback or support. I’ve begun implementing this profile, and I think it’s testing out pretty well.

are there "best practice" PHP Versions?

@ch0ccyra1n it does support #ActivityPub though. And #SocialHub is among early testers of the #Discourse AP plugin:

Today's question for a resilient #Fediverse is whether various different initiatives are willing to collaborate and cross-pollinate, while keeping their independence.

There's great opportunity to increase the cohesion of the #GrassrootsFedi #ActivityPub developer community and creating strong joins:

1. @w3c #SocialCG working on #OpenStandards improvements

2. @fedidevs documenting existing fedi

3. #FEP process on @Codeberg

4. #SocialHub as forum

5. @dansup #FediDB

Several years in the making, GitLab is now very actively implementing #ActivityPub! 🙌

The end-goal is to support AP for merge requests (aka pull requests), meaning can send a merge request to

First bite-sized todo on the implementation path there is ‘subscribe to project releases’.

Smart move by #GitLab; through ActivityPub they’re getting a distributed version of GitHub’s social layer.

@fediversenews #fediverse #GitHub #git

Japan Earthquake Alert App (1.9 million followers) Says Sayonara to X

"[..]We have decided that if we were to spend over ¥700,000 per month that it would be better if this money could go to developing our NERV app and strengthening our ActivityPub servers instead of X’s API. Therefore, we are beginning to cut down on our posts on X."
#X #Twitter #mastodon #activitypub #nerv #gehirn

Whoa! BBC has set up their own instance ( in #fediverse / #mastodon ! 😲👏

It is such a no-brainer for media, academic & govt orgs to own their identity AND platform on social media. Nothing really beats "user@domain".


Here's my offer:

I will provide free managed hosting to any Indian media org (or any other type of institution) who wants to set up their own fediverse instance, like BBC did.

Please spread the word! 🙏

#fediverse #mastodon #activitypub

#ActivityPub app developers take note..

A #Fediverse Enhancement Proposal has reached FINAL status:

FEP-f1d5: NodeInfo in Fediverse Software

" #NodeInfo is a #protocol intended to standardize upon a way to provide server-level metadata to the public. This enables tools and clients to utilize this metadata to assess server health or facilitate end-users choices about servers and software to use on the Fediverse."

So exciting! Please consider mirroring these talks on #peertube as @penpot did with their latest #penpotfest @penpot_app

What better way to promote #decentralized platforms and #foss #floss alternatives, it seems like a perfect fit😀

#penpot #fediFirst #fediverse #activityPub

Frage | Friendica: Federiert Friendica schneller zu Diaspora als zu ActivityPub?

Kann es sein das von Friendica aus die Federierung zu und von Diaspora wesentlich schneller als zu und von ActivityPub ist? Ich hatte jetzt schon mehrmals den Fall das ich auf Diaspora nach kürzester Zeit Reaktionen auf meine Beiträge bekam, während Reaktionen von anderen via ActivityPub verbundenen Servern erst ein gutes Stück später Reaktionen eintrödelten.

#Frage #Friendica #Federation #Diaspore #ActivityPub #2023-07-13 !Friendica Support

(Sowohl der Kommentar auf den Beitrag als auch die 'Gefällt mir', kommen alle von Diaspora Nutzern)

A good read. Key bit:

"Obviously, the social networking space is undergoing a major shakeup. Twitter under Elon Musk’s chaotic reign has seemingly created an opportunity for an alternative microblogging service. With #Threads and #Mastodon both embracing #ActivityPub, it might not be one platform that wins out—but an open standard. "

I’ll share an early version of #Memory with you guys. Really excited to one day share it with everyone and be a part of #fediverse the future is very bright with so many projects and things being worked on, happy to be a small part of that #activitypub

Last thought on #EEE: We need to support our standards makers STAT. The best defense against "extend" is a clear line of what we are defending.

#ActivityPub has needed a robust "test suite" to test compliance for a while & good efforts were unfinished. They need to be picked up at warp speed. To see an example of his working for other tech see:

The creator of the Wordpress ActivtyPub plugin said that he *wished* he had this.
More on why in my last post next.

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