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"It is hard to overstate how completely out of touch the #museum sector seems to be with what contemporary technologies make possible, how those possibilities are changing people's expectations and where those expectations now intersect with the museum sector itself. More and more, I find myself asking: What is the functional equivalent of ordering cat litter on the beach for museums?" –

Took the kids to Melbourne Museum today to see 'Relics', a temporary exhibition depicting a post-apocalyptic world where LEGO minifigs have risen from the debris to craft new civilisations in discarded human artefacts.

I have to say that this repurposed old Space Invaders cab certainly caught my eye.

#lego #retrogaming #videogames #arcadegames #museum #melbourne

This is a 440-pound heart from a blue whale, the largest known animal to ever exist. The heart was so large that technicians had to douse it in 1,000 gallons of formaldehyde. Read more about it here:

#histodons #histodon #histmed #biology #animal #animals #bluewhale #museum #DYK

Remember the sound of an old slide projector? A chewing gum machine? A coffee mill?

#ConserveTheSound puts together a virtual audio #museum of (almost) lost everyday #sound:

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