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Items tagged with: Retrogaming

EmulationStation Desktop Edition v2.2 brings huge additions

#Emulation #FOSS #OpenSource #RetroGaming

How retro kick ass is that? Flash is resurrected sans the neglected, proprietary, security ridden, plugin bs of Adobe; thanks to Rust, and modern day sandboxed WebAssembly. No plugin required; small, compact, compatible engine, that unlocks decades of lost SWF content in all its vector visuals, MP3 stereo, and ActionScript-y glory. #flash #adobe #webdev #javascript #rust #retrogaming

Pick up some absolute classic in the GOG 'Make Classics Last Forever Sale' #Gaming #GOG #RetroGaming

Star Wars Dark Forces source port The Force Engine gets upgraded #StarWars #FOSS #OpenSource #RetroGaming
The Force Engine - Star Wars Dark Forces screenshot

ScummVM 2.7.0 'The Real Slim Shader' supports even more classics #FOSS #OpenSource #RetroGaming

Zoom Platform, a store aimed at 'Generation X' adds more Linux support

#Gaming #RetroGaming
Zoom Platform Logo

DOSBox Staging adds dual-mouse gaming and ReelMagic support

#DOSBox #Retro #Gaming #RetroGaming
X-Com the classic on DOSBox Staging

CatacombGL 0.5.4 is released!
This marks the very first release with Linux support, thanks to the amazing work of GoGoOtaku.

#gamedev #retrogaming #pcgaming #linuxgaming
Screenshot of the Ubuntu desktop, partially covered by an application window running Catacomb Abyss. The game is running via the CatacombGL source port. The in-game menu is opened, showing the "Video Options" section.

#retrogaming #SegaGenesis I love the message that Toaplan SHMUP Hellfire in it's Genesis port gives you if you beat it on the secret Yeah, Right difficulty. (Yes it's actually called that.)

Game just accuses you of cheating and then is like "honestly, it's pretty impressive to beat this even if you did cheat." I mean, I can't even beat Easy without heavy savestating...
A lady on a headset saying "No way, dude. You must have cheated to get this far. So you used slow mo or what? Come on now confess!!! 

If you didn't cheat, or as a matter of fact even if you did, I'm pretty !#$ impressed that you managed to finish this last level in Hell Fire."

game industry needs to bring back official transparent consoles and peripherals.

#retrogaming #games
Transparent Game Boy Pocket with Dr. Mario Translucent original Xbox with a green transparent controller
Transparent orange Nintendo 64 with a orange controller as well Transparent GameCube controller

So I didn't buy the last #commodore #MaxMachine...because I bought the one before.🥳
It arrived yesterday and look at its beauty. I mean LOOK AT IT.😍
It was sold as non-working but I have high hopes since it needs a cartridge to boot up.
If this one is working, then I'll probably sell or trade my other one which has a slightly less nice box.
#retrogaming #retrocomputing #C64 #Max04

Wow this is so retro and neat 😀

Someone just released a Legend of Zelda total conversion for Doom II recreating the world of the first NES game. I haven't played much yet but I have to say I'm fairly impressed by what I've seen so far.

#Doom #Gaming #Zelda #modding #gamer #NES #RETROGAMING

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