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I’ve come across some cool #Fediverse projects. I personally would love to know what else is out there but I imagine many of you would as well.
Please share any #Fedi projects that you are working on and or know of.
I’ve seen an #Etsy like project, #Pinterest alternative
#Goldfish which seemed like a #Tiktok like project
I’ve come across awesome client apps like can’t get enough of #Beanapp for #Lemmy and #Artemisapp for #Kbin
#Friendica beta client #Relatica#Mastodon#Fediverse#Firefish#Calckey#Misskey#iOS#buildinpublic#devs#AndroidOS

Montana is banning #TikTok for alleged spying and surveillance.

The problem is that, to enforce it, the ban requires more spying and surveillance than Apple and Google currently allow.

This is a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

Luego de casi dos décadas parece que el reinado absoluto de #Google podría estar llegando a su fin por una cuestión generacional 🤳

Hay estudios que indican que la llamada generación Z recurre más a #TikTok e #Instagram


Una reciente investigación del equipo de Privacidad no incluida de #Mozilla encontró discrepancias entre las etiquetas de seguridad de datos de Google Play Store y las políticas de privacidad de casi 80% de las aplicaciones revisadas, entre ellas #TikTok


TikTok put this warning message across my latest video, saying that this activity is dangerous.

A video about intersections in Groningen, a city with some of the lowest rates of road deaths and injuries in the entire world. 🙄

Do you think they put these warnings on car videos? Because statistically they are much more applicable there than here.

There is an overarching pro-car anti-cycling bias that shows up in so many places.

#groningen #tegelijkgroen #bicycleinfrastructure #cycling #tiktok

My latest in Puck on #TikTok & a possible ban:

"It’s risky to build on someone else’s property. Ownership of our data, social graph, and financial relationships has great value. How many times do we have to lose our followers on a social network to realize they were never ours? Unless we have a way to reach them outside the walled garden, such as an email address, mobile number, or credit card number, then they belong to the garden, not to us. We’re just sharecroppers."

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