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After I post this, I'm going for a bike ride! πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

#Cycling #BikeTooter

Lune Gorge? Lune Gorgeous more like. #cycling #cumbria

PSA: To avoid dooring or killing cyclists when you exit a vehicle, please consider adopting "the Dutch Reach," which is using your hand farthest from the door to open it. This forces you into a position that allows a better view of bicycles approaching from behind. And, of course, first look, *then* open door. Teach your kids, too. #cycling #safety #driving #cars #psa

A 15,000 word article about the physics of a bicycle. It explores the forces that act on a bike in lovely approachable detail.

And it includes 118 wonderful interactive diagrams.

This is such a great piece of work.

#Bicycle #Bikes #BikeTooter #Cycling #Physics #Science

New study finds "no substantial evidence of any biological advantages for trans women competing in elite women's sport."

"'What threatens women's elite sport, for cis and trans women, is not trans women, but is rather misogyny in the form of underfunding, non-parity in participation and leadership, inequitable sport space allocation/access, and a range of sporting opportunities not afforded to equitable ways.'"

#TransRights #cycling #queer

TikTok put this warning message across my latest video, saying that this activity is dangerous.

A video about intersections in Groningen, a city with some of the lowest rates of road deaths and injuries in the entire world. πŸ™„

Do you think they put these warnings on car videos? Because statistically they are much more applicable there than here.

There is an overarching pro-car anti-cycling bias that shows up in so many places.

#groningen #tegelijkgroen #bicycleinfrastructure #cycling #tiktok

Day 856 🌧 finders keepers
Daily # photos; found a # on # and nearly crashed when I braked too hard on the wet path

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