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Oh my! I've found my new favorite website of all time:

A list of all kinds of uninformed reasons people give for not making it safer and easier to bike, with rebuttals. This is exactly the kind of thing the internet is useful for!

It's available in many languages, and you can help translate it. The content is CC licensed. It's great!

Thanks to the fantastic podcast Bike Talk for letting me know about it!

#bicycle #BikeTooter #biking #urbanism #FactsAndLogic #BikeTalk

announcing the pdx fedi-ride! :boost_ok:

sunday, july 30, meet at 4:00pm at shemanski park, 6-mile ride to grant park.

come join us to celebrate the joys of bicycling and the fediverse! bring stuff to share, invite your irl people, and have fun!

please wear a mask when gathered together. pace will be relaxed, we will pause briefly midway through. first aid kit, bike repair tools, and some water will be available.

#portland #pdx #fediverse #bicycle #pedalpalooza

A 15,000 word article about the physics of a bicycle. It explores the forces that act on a bike in lovely approachable detail.

And it includes 118 wonderful interactive diagrams.

This is such a great piece of work.

#Bicycle #Bikes #BikeTooter #Cycling #Physics #Science

Car culture is built on freedom to travel when, where, how, & why one wishes/needs. Travel culture is built on curiosity, the compulsion to experience something different from one’s home ground. These two things are driving a dilemma of exercising freedom v. a sustainable future. EVs reduce atmospheric impact some, but there is collateral damage to the ecosystem. Sustainability won’t happen w/o dramatic cultural change + alternate travel options. #bicycle #trains

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