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I'm having trouble capturing the extent to which every single branch and item outside is currently encapsulated in a layer of ice.

#portland #pdxtst #IceStorm #FrozenRain #photography

announcing the pdx fedi-ride! :boost_ok:

sunday, july 30, meet at 4:00pm at shemanski park, 6-mile ride to grant park.

come join us to celebrate the joys of bicycling and the fediverse! bring stuff to share, invite your irl people, and have fun!

please wear a mask when gathered together. pace will be relaxed, we will pause briefly midway through. first aid kit, bike repair tools, and some water will be available.

#portland #pdx #fediverse #bicycle #pedalpalooza

Good suggestion!

I contacted OPB on April 11 (before they left #twitter) and got a nice reply, part of which I shared here. More contacts will probably help!


#OPB #PDX #Portland #Oregon #TwitterMigration

@fediverse @fediversenews Let's Get OPB on the Fediverse!

Oregon Public Broadcasting is no longer active on Twitter as of April 13, 2023.

Let's get them on the fediverse! Use this form to tell them why they should take part in a social media space which is freedom-respecting and federated. You should especially contact them if you're in #Portland , #Eugene , or anywhere else in #Oregon

#fediverse #journalism #news

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