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I was recently honored to receive the Berryman Award for editorial cartooning from the National Press Foundation. Sharing a couple pics from the awards dinner in Washington, DC. I had a great time (and got to meet Al Roker!)

Photo credit: Lisa Nipp for NPF

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I would like to find writing about new music/improvisation/experimental music that engages as deeply with its subject matter as these articles:

Where should I be looking? Who should I be reading?

#music #journalism #musodon

You might see friends today suggesting you support Hard Drive on Patreon today. You know, the funny video games version of The Onion? As a journalist, I will firmly tell you DO NOT GIVE THEM A DIME.

The CEO has pushed out all former staff that have built the site up to its current greatness and has been pushing use of AI. The staff begged to have a Patreon before basically all being pushed out, but the idea was refused until now, when it will only line the pockets of a single person instead of hard working writers.

I know they might have provided laughs before, but Hard Drive is a shell of what it was once. Let it die and support the people who actually made those moments of joy possible.

Edit: I am trying to compile all of the sources of info at this time into one big post for ease of access, if you want to keep up with that as it's updated:

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As an occasional journalist, I just love the way Ed Yong closes his latest OpEd at NYTs & couldn’t agree more. #GiftArticle #writing #journalism

“Journalists can act as a care-taking profession that soothes & nurtures. We are among the only professions that can do so at a scale commensurate with the scope of the crises before us. We can make people who feel invisible feel seen. We can make everyone else look.”

That captures the sorry state of much of #MSM when it comes to #DonaldTrump and #Election2024

Real #journalism requires practioners to ask every member of the #GOP to clarify whether they are in alignment with the #VerminSpeech

Real #journalists do not accept the usual evasive tactics utilized by pols in evading hard questions by attempting to run the clock down because of the tyranny of time slots

No moving on or spinning away without answering the question


NPR’s data shows that they lost nothing after being ostracized by the psychotic white billionaire. It counters the idea that leaving Twitter is a loss. Let’s dismiss the idea that we need to be held hostage on any platform.

#NPR #Twitter #SocialMedia #Journalism #Media

Neglected to post this cartoon from a couple weeks ago: Always blame the left!

#uspol #media #journalism #authoritarianism #democracy

Featured story: "The conservative campaign to harass the libs out of academia has already sent a chill through #Texas’ world-class public universities, making professors and administrators so fearful of setting off the lunatics in charge at the Capitol that they censor themselves—in scholarship or in their communications with students and the public."

From Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana:

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Latest comic on a certain pundit's infamous $78 airport meal

(For those outside the US, the commentator David Brooks has made a career out of piously trolling liberals for their supposed decadence and lack of morals.)

#uspol #economy #journalism #media #socialmedia

Stunned that this isn't getting more attention in the local press, but I guess we do have a lot going down in the ATL at the moment

#Atlanta #ATL #Journalism #Journodon #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #LGBTQIAPlus

Ben Sargent's latest Loon Star State cartoon, from the July/August 2023 issue of Texas Observer magazine:

#TexasNeedsAnObserver! Become a member and get our magazine, six times per year:

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A great video, Jeff. I'm looking forward to the book. I liked this: In the age of the internet "media is only one part of the network..." Interesting to hear Alan mention that many Journalists are uncomfortable with that. To others, I recommend the content. #journalism #mediarelations #commodon

I smiled at your comments in the clip about #Mastodon where you say "...I think that's a model of where we go, where we use the geeks as we need to but don't put them in charge any more..."

I love what the dev community is building here for non-techies like me. #fediverse #foss #openweb #journalism #newmedia

...This is a reminder not to overlook them. Let's recognise the gifts of nature we have before they're on the brink of disappearing.

Also, do wait for the page to finish loading before scrolling through:

& Don't forget to subscribe to BTL if you're interested in Malaysian news. The team publishes curated summaries as well as original reportage "specials" like my story. Sign up here:

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If you want to force Big Tech to support local journalism, fine, but find another way. Don't destroy the link, which is basically tantamount to destroying the web.

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@fediverse @fediversenews Let's Get OPB on the Fediverse!

Oregon Public Broadcasting is no longer active on Twitter as of April 13, 2023.

Let's get them on the fediverse! Use this form to tell them why they should take part in a social media space which is freedom-respecting and federated. You should especially contact them if you're in #Portland , #Eugene , or anywhere else in #Oregon

#fediverse #journalism #news

This is excellent #journalism from the #WashingtonPost about the group leading the charge to roll back child labor protections, but it also shows that “conservative” is not the right word to describe this kind of politics —it is radical change, of which most Americans are unaware. It’s time for #USPol #journalists to retire the word conservative in describing modern #GOP politics.

This week's comic: Certain media outlets are falling for the GOP strategy of treating trans people as some kind of national emergency

#cartoon #trans #transgender #media #journalism

Hot Take: Other news organizations should strongly consider whether NPR's exit from #birdsite and the behavior leading up to it means that only public spirited, journalistic response is to suspend operations as well. #Solidarity #Journalism

Now is the time for our friendly local NPR stations to move over to Mastodon. We #Newstodon newsrooms will welcome you with open arms 🤗

#twitter #news #journalism

We promise to have news soon, but as 5pm Central approaches, we're putting out one final call to donate and share to our GoFundMe and show our board that #TexasNeedsAnObserver—we'd like to hit $300k in 3 days if we can.

(Thank you to EVERYONE that's already given, and we understand if you've given all you can. And thanks for putting up with all this fundraising, it's really making a difference this week, we promise.)

#journalism #nonprofit

“Among the unexpected sources of support for the magazine was the #fediverse—the collection of decentralized Mastodon servers that soared in popularity following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Many comments on the GoFundMe page mention that the donors learned about the Observer through #Mastodon—where the Texas Observer was one of the first journalistic outlets to set up its own server, @jamescanup said.” via Guardian

#TexasNeedsAnObserver #mastodon #journalism

Important #SaveTXO update: We now have a GoFundMe that is LIVE and accepting donations!

This money will go to support the staff, but donations will also go a long way towards showing that there's a will to keep this magazine alive.

#SaveTXO #journalism #Nonprofit #Texas

"the more we see something repeated, the more likely we are to believe it to be true.”

Thread about the “Illusory Truth Effect” and why it is so important NOT to repeat lies on social media (or elsewhere), even with the intention of debunking them.

#Propaganda #Disinformation #Misinformation #Lies #Journalism

I keep saying journalists should leave Twitter and use Mastodon, which is better for them in every way. At TechDirt I've posted a somewhat lengthy why-and-how:

#journalism #twitterexodus

New from @propublica @BrettMmurphy: Part 2 of an astonishing investigation into a new junk police science, 911 call analysis. We unearthed shocking emails in which prosecutors say they know they can’t get this method into court with a hearing to assess its legitimacy, so they devised a playbook to sneak it in. #journalism #news #crime #courts #science

ok I was reading the article and enjoying it but then I stumble upon a quote saying Mastodon is not a website but an app and I instantly die

"Mastodon’s values are antithetical to the way we’ve come to understand the purpose of #technology and technology companies. We’ve been trained to favor ease of use and affordability over everything else. If a product is slick or free, then we are expected to sacrifice whatever’s necessary — usually our privacy or our attention span — to use it."

Tech #Journalism Doesn’t Know What to Do With #Mastodon | by George Dillard | Dec, 2022 | Medium

Content warning: US election, politics, journalism

Hello all! I have newly arrived from the wilds of Twitter and am trying to find my people. I am a reporter and I post about #journalism #texas #deathpenalty and the shitshows that are #prisons.

And sometimes I pose in cemeteries in front of hearses.

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