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City Resumes Work on Eugene’s First Protected Intersection
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

May is Bike Month
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

"Love Your Library" Art Contest
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

MLK Jr. Blvd. Undergoing Lane Changes for Safety in Eugene
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

City Receives $2.7 Million for Amazon Creek Remediation
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

City phone lines impacted by widespread outage
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

Come join us tonight for the first general meeting of the term!

📍 360 Condon Hall (Or remote, DM or email us for meeting link)
🕔 5:00 PM PST, January 22, 2024

#Eugene #Oregon #UofO

City of Eugene Holiday Schedules and Closures for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 15
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

New Post on my Personal Website: Scoping out the Eugene-Springfield Fediverse

I recently wrote up a new post for my personal website about the Fediverse in relation to the Eugene-Springfield area, and figured I'd share it. Let me know what you think!


#Eugene #EugeneOR #EugeneOregon #Springfield #SpringfieldOregon #Oregon

New: 4J Student Library Cards
#CityOfEugene #Eugene #Oregon

If you don't have to be on the northern Oregon coast right now, don't go. There is significant flooding in Seaside, Tillamook, and elsewhere. School districts are closed, rail lines are washed over with landslides. It's a dangerous situation. If you live there, please be safe. If you don't, stay away.

#Oregon #PNW

Issue 35.1 of The Student Insurgent is finally here!
Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We've got many amazing pieces on topics such as Ukraine, Palestine, Local Labor Victories, Lesbian Vampires and Baklava.

Grab a copy at any of our locations ( or read it on our website! We hope you enjoy!

(Cover art by achilles)

#Eugene #UofO #Oregon #Anarchism #Communism #Socialism #Magazine

A person driving a truck with right-wing stickers pulled a "splatter ball gun" on pro-Palestine protesters at a rally. Several armed rally goers pulled their own weapons, and forced the person to drop their weapon and also remove their mask.

"Two individuals within the march rushed to the front, drew their own handguns, and ordered the man to immediately drop his weapon and take off his mask to which he complied. After doing so, he took his mask off. As the two individuals kicked the now-unmasked man’s weapon away,"

#Palestine #Oregon #Eugene #Gaza #FreeGaze #FreePalestine

We'll be holding another General Meeting October 17th, 2023

📍 Condon Hall, Room 360
🕔 5:00 PM

We will be discussing nominations for the currently open positions of Outreach and Operations Coordinators during this meeting.

In addition, you are free to apply for one of those positions via the form* if you are unable to attend this meeting:

* Must be a University of Oregon student to apply. Sorry, we don't make the rules.

#Eugene #Oregon #UofO

Insurgent General Meeting Tomorrow!

📍 Condon Hall, Room 360 & Remote (via Jitsi Meet, DM or email us for link)
🕔 Tuesday, October 10th at 5 PM

#Eugene #Oregon #UofO

Calling all artists 🎨 writers ✏️ and other creatives!

Come join us TONIGHT at 5 PM PST at Condon Hall for our first General Meeting!

See what we're all about and help us create the first Issue of the schoolyear!

DM or email us for Jitsi link if you would like to join remotely.

#Eugene #Oregon #UofO

Are you an artist 🎨, writer ✏️, or interested in another form of creative expression?

Join The Student Insurgent's first General Meeting on Thursday, September 28th! We'll be introducing our goals for the fall term, and how YOU can get involved!

DM or email us for Jitsi link if you would like to join remotely.

#Eugene #Oregon #UofO

As the school year starts 🏫 we'd like to invite you to join us for some upcoming events! 📨

First General Meeting of The Student Insurgent 🎉
September 28 @ 5-6 PM
ROAR Center

ROAR Fall (of Capitalism) Coalition Festival 🎪
October 5 @ 12-3 PM
EMU Green

R.A.D. Mental Health Benefit Show 🛹
October 7 Starting @ 12 PM
Washington-Jefferson Skatepark

Regular Insurgent General Meetings Ⓐ☭
Wednesdays @ 5-6 PM
ROAR Center

#Eugene #Oregon #UofO

In #Eugene, #Oregon, people are fighting to support a rent-strike and anti-eviction campaign.

Good suggestion!

I contacted OPB on April 11 (before they left #twitter) and got a nice reply, part of which I shared here. More contacts will probably help!


#OPB #PDX #Portland #Oregon #TwitterMigration

@fediverse @fediversenews Let's Get OPB on the Fediverse!

Oregon Public Broadcasting is no longer active on Twitter as of April 13, 2023.

Let's get them on the fediverse! Use this form to tell them why they should take part in a social media space which is freedom-respecting and federated. You should especially contact them if you're in #Portland , #Eugene , or anywhere else in #Oregon

#fediverse #journalism #news

ALERTA! #Eugene #Oregon Neo-Nazi Adam Edward Braun (of Wyoming) is living off Fox Hollow Road in South Eugene. This month he agitated neighbors by flying Nazi flags alongside the road. Cops came out to intervene. His residence sits on many acres of woods.

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