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Now it would be a good time for journalists, politicians and *scientists* to set up and use an account on #Mastodon

#twittermigration #xmigration #chemistry #glycotime #science


I am excited to share the preliminary results of survey research with @cfiesler, @MattNicholson, and @blakeley exploring the factors driving the #TwitterMigration since November 2022. (1/N) #TheorizingTheFediverse

Musk failed to get the necessary permits to change Twitter’s building signage to X, and the police shut it down just in time for “er” to remain. #twitter #tech #elonmusk #x #twittermigration #twitterlogo #elon #musk

Elon Space Karen has been dangerous for some time now but still we see people all over the #Twitter hanging from chandeliers and throwing feces.

#TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Fediverse

For those that might be new to the #Fediverse and to #Mastodon in general, I've written a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

While this isn't a complete list, I feel it's a great place to get started and what can help you find good content and to help others find you and what you are interested in.

#MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #TipsAndTricks #NewUsers #FediTips #AllThingsTech #Blog

We need to take the time to talk to our #twittermigration people about this, it matters.

Follow Climate Scientists on Mastodon

There was a recent thread about #climate scientists leaving twitter and establishing a presence on Mastodon:

Here is a climatelist.csv file of the #ClimateScience accounts mentioned in this thread:

You can save this file and import it to Mastodon to follow all of the these accounts.

You can then create a "Climate" list and go through your most recent follows and add them to this list.


When you post on Twitter(1) or Bluesky(2) you grant them a broad perpetual license to use, modify, and sublicense your content. You effectively make them co-owners of your content. They can mine it and monetize it. They can even sell it. When you post on Mastodon(3) most instances take no license at all. That's right, they tell you what they are doing with your content—storing posts and delivering them—but no license.

#twittermigration #TermsOfService #PrivacyPolicy #ContentLicense

Good suggestion!

I contacted OPB on April 11 (before they left #twitter) and got a nice reply, part of which I shared here. More contacts will probably help!


#OPB #PDX #Portland #Oregon #TwitterMigration

New research from my team on the #TwitterMigration:

This is our first quarterly update analyzing which platforms are growing - esp #mastodon & #postnews. Includes new data on users posting, app downloads & more.

Get it here: ▶️

Any help boosting and sharing out this new work is very appreciated!

#modteam as we have been pointing out for the last 3 months, our funding of the #OMN is becoming unsustainable due to the effect of the #twittermigration increasing mastodon hosting costs we need help outreaching to cover this shortfall please.

Hi #science #research #mastodon community! A few days ago, a post of mine recieved a lot of attention. Thanks for the engagement and the very interesting suggestions!

On #Twitter, I loved the common practice of writing threads explaining new #preprints and #papers in an understandable way.
I uttered my concern that through the chronological timeline here people might miss interesting science. A solution would be to agree on names for hashtags and/or groups to ease tracking these "paper threads".

Following tags were named more then once: #newPaper #paperThread #preprint #researchPaper #mastoPrint #tootPrint.
Also, there was #tootorial, but that might be a slightly different category?

I heard people like participation - so let's do a poll! What's your favourite tag for threads explaining research articles? 📊​ Multiple choices possible!

#twitterMigration #scienceTwitter #scientist @academicchatter @neuroscience @cognition @psychology @phdstudents

  • #newPaper (26%, 67 votes)
  • #paperThread (37%, 93 votes)
  • #preprint (27%, 68 votes)
  • #researchPaper (34%, 85 votes)
  • #tootPrint (9%, 23 votes)
250 voters. Poll end: 1 year ago

@Gargron While there is certainly room for improvement, and improvements to threading do seem to be on the roadmap (, threading in Mastodon is actually pretty good.

Here is a pretty (...way too?) detailed explainer on how to thread in Mastodon:

Threading and Pinning >>>

#twittermigration #NewHere #help

Twitter has blocked posting links to #Mastodon, you can't tweet a link to a Mastodon instance anymore, or at least you can't to any of the big instances (regex for the word "mastodon" perhaps?). The official @Mastodon account has also just been suspended. #Twitter #TwitterMigration

For those that joined #Mastodon and grabbed the first server they could find, but would prefer to #migrate to a different one, I created a short guide on how to do this quickly and easily.
It also allows you to easily move any followers across to your new profile and leaves a redirection on your old profile for those that find it.😁👍

I'd love if you could share it among your networks to help those that will invariably need it.
#twitterexodus #twittermigration #feditips

To all non-binary and enby :flag_nonbinary: folk out there or joining

- Enbies are #trans family :flag_transgender:, period

- Non-binary identites are valid, trans siblings, & *loved* 💜

- Some trans fem(me) identites are so close to me - my sisters :flag_transgender: just like binary trans women

- Some non-binary folk also have gender dysphoria

Thanks to everyone on today's open discussion, which had no heat 🔥 and lots of light 🕯️🕯️

#Nonbinary #TwitterMigration #Enby

I've put together a small, but incomplete, list of instances/communities with POC moderators., and Mastodon online, are not it.,,,,,,,,.

Here's how to move accounts and take your followers with you

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #BlackFedi #FediTips #TwitterMigration

Almost 180k new users joined #mastodon yesterday, a new record. This third #twitterMigration wave happened after Musk's Twitter 2.0 ultimatum to #Twitter workers. Each wave is stronger than the previous one. Here is my updated plot showing the three consecutive waves.

Recently, we experimented with a new social media account on #Mastodon. Now we've taken a few steps further. We run our own server open to all.
It's great to be on the #Fediverse with
Read the news 👉
#TwitterMigration #MastodonMigration

Evan Prodromou, who helped inspire & create the #ActivityPub protocol that makes @Mastodon run, called this recent #Twittermigration a “tipping point”.

“I have not been this excited about federated social networks since we published ActivityPub. The shift has started. … We’re doing this. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.” @evan

Blog post here:

There are some online tools for finding out the Mastodon/Fedi addresses of people you follow on Twitter.

I'm not on Twitter so I cannot test them. However, if you want to have a go:

🐦 Debirdify

🔍 Fedifinder

Could you let the rest of us know your experiences in the replies?

If you want other people to find your address, put your full Mastodon address in your Twitter profile. More info here:

#Twitter #TwitterMigration

Some of the best ever moments on #Twitter come as it commences its death spiral ... I was *literally* laughing uncontrollably at this 😂🤣😂 🤣

#TwitterMigration #Twitterblue #twexit #ElonMusk #ElonMush

Still #giggling this morning in bed sorry! - don't care, gonna share

Howdy! Here's a brief #introduction repost since I just moved to I am a Black, queer and trans social worker and PhD student at Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS), so seemed like a good fit. My research is about how anti-Black homophobia serves to limit access to health and social service care for Black gbtq+MSM in Canada. More info about me here! 👉🏾

#twittermigration #lgbtq #socialwork

Hi all, I'm seeing efforts by different disciplines moving out of twitter to reconnect on Mastodon. Lets try to do this for urban/housing twitter!

Please fill out this form if you are a journalist, student, practitioner, or scholar of cities, urban planning, housing, urbanism, etc.

And, if you want to see the list, the spreadsheet is here:

Please circulate/boost in your networks! #urban #twittermigration #housing #cities #gentrification

I see quite a lot of #Science posts expressing concern if The Public will follow their authors' #TwitterMigration over on here.

Here's the thing: they don't even have to. Every #Mastodon account has an #RSS feed. For example, here's mine:

Every hashtag has an RSS feed as well (as seen from a given instance), for example:

Your audiences can follow you without ever setting up an account on fedi, with any RSS reader.

Someone in a prison in #georgia sent me this. It is rat droppings in the cereal.

I’m posting this bc I am a #journalist who covers #prisons so I post a lot about deteriorating conditions behind bars. On the bird app ppl tend to respond with the worst things they can think of to say about how prisoners deserve this. I’m curious how people will respond over here… #TwitterMigration

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