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By the way, if you enjoy my toots and tools consider dropping me a tip. I'm a starve hacker 😏

I have a personal ko-fi in my boi and linked below 👇🏿

I use this for personal emergencies and to do mutual aid work in my community.

In return, I'll keep the fedi-verse full of posts about local news, breaking politics and nerd shit 🖤

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Do you, or have you ever, used a graphical user interface? If you use #Windows, #macOS, or any version of #Linux with a window manager or desktop environment, you can thank Dr. Clarence "Skip" Ellis.

Dr. Ellis worked at Xerox PARC, the research organization that developed the modern GUI. Icons, windows, the mouse, Ethernet-based networking, laser printing - all of these (and more) came out of PARC. Dr. Ellis led the team that created Officetalk, the first program to use icons and the Internet. He got his start at 15 years old showing a local tech company how to reuse punch cards, which was a game-changer back in 1958.

Oh, and he was also the first black man to earn a PhD in Computer Science.

#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistory #BlackMastodon #ComputerScience @blackmastodon

Black Coder Trolls Critical Race Theory Tip Line Until It Quietly Shuts Down
#BlackMastodon #Blerds #BlerdsLoveToScience

They referred to her as “Moses” for guiding the enslaved from the South to freedom in the North. But, Harriet Tubman’s resistance to slavery extended beyond her role in the Underground Railroad. As a Union Army soldier and spy during the Civil War, she made history by becoming the first woman to lead an armed U.S. military mission.


Image: “Harriet Tubman,” by Mark Fredrickson



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Black Queer Feminism 101
Virtual Training

7 – 9pm EDT

“No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.” - Marsha P Johnson

Are you a new supporter of the LGBTQIA community? Join HWD to learn basic terminology, and discuss current political debates on LGBTQIA and examples of Black Queer Feminism.

So, funny story. Every cop's body cam is basically an AirTag. I did a talk at DEFCON explaining how you can detect and ID police body cams with your phone.

#BlackMastodon #TrackThePolice #ACAB

Hey, an instance for black queer folk that needs a bit of exposure to get the word out about it. Please boost if you have friends who've felt alienated by the nazis you tend to find on other, unmentionable servers.

Admin: @tillshadeisgone

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If you were Black and woke up in NYC on Monday, July 13, 1863, things got terrifying quick. For Black New Yorkers, there was no reprieve. Black life was dispensable to white mobs & law authorities. The Civil War, poverty, & rabid racism in 19th-century New York explains the events of that week. For Black Americans, the NYC Draft Riots were a heinous episode in an already brutal age. But it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

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By today’s standards he seems mild. Even Obama praised him. Along with Lincoln, Republicans trot Ronald Reagan out every time Democrats praise the communication wizardry of Obama, Clinton, or Kennedy, or the stalwart composition of FDR or integrity of Truman. In reality, Reagan was an impenetrable facade of congeniality who was quite hostile to civil rights.

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#BlackMastodon May be interested to hear that Aveta, the community organizer in black tech Twitter has launched a defederated Calckey instance that will prioritize safety, privacy, and accessibility for minorities.

I’ve been working with her and others and while launched it is still invite only as we address T&S, accessibility issues and how to best grow the platform focused on users.

bipoc people can DM me for an invite, if you’re willing to help us improve the onboarding experience give a shout as we have product people collecting data and they need volunteers.
We're also looking for developers, product, UX, and other engineers to help improve the platform so do also reach out if you are interested.

Edit: To be clear I’m creating invite codes and not sitting on one.

From 1865 forward, Black Americans gathered in TX every year to honor and celebrate freedom. These celebrations evolved into what is known as Juneteenth, but were also 'Jubilee Day' and 'Emancipation Day.’ Black Americans were prohibited from using public spaces to celebrate, so they collected money to purchase land to carry on the tradition. Emancipation Park in Houston, TX was purchased in 1872 for $1,000.


#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

Although emancipation didn’t happen overnight for everyone—in some cases, enslavers withheld the information until after harvest season—celebrations broke out among newly freed Black people, and Juneteenth was born!


#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

Final emancipation from the Emancipation Proclamation happened on June 19, 1865 in Galveston Texas, two months after the surrender at Appomattox. Commemoration of this date would become the celebration JUNETEENTH. Enslaved people in states that fought for the Union — Missouri, Delaware, Maryland, and Kentucky — did not become emancipated until December 6, 1865, with the passage of the 13th Amendment.


#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

In Texas, slavery continued as the state experienced no large-scale fighting or significant presence of Union troops. Many enslavers outside the Lone Star State moved there, as they viewed it as a safe haven for slavery. After the war ended in the spring of 1865, General Granger’s arrival in Galveston that June signaled freedom for Texas’ 250,000 enslaved people and later solidified by the 13th Amendment.


#BlackHistory #BlackMastodon 
#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

Actual Emancipation took time. As the Union Army rolled into different regions of the South, they emancipated the enslaved people there. SInce this happened over time, each region had their own dates. The enslaved people in the mid-Atlantic recognized April 4 as their Emancipation Day, when abolition came to DC. MS celebrated on May 8; in FL, May 22; AL & GA, May 28; MO, August 4; and KY & TN, August 8.


#histodons #History
#histodons #Juneteenth

But in reality, the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t instantly free any enslaved people. The Proclamation only applied to places under Confederate control and not to slave-holding border states or rebel areas already under Union control. However, as Northern troops advanced into the Confederate South, many enslaved people fled behind Union lines.


#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

At last, a messenger pushed through the crowd, confirming long-awaited news. The day of Jubilee had arrived. 4 million souls freed! Black Americans spilled into the streets, joy overflowing. Shouts reverberated through the air.. even strangers embraced one another. Tears of elation & relief streamed down many faces, while others bent their knees in prayer. Many, including Douglass, would never forget that day.


#histodons #History
#histodons #Juneteenth

Frederick.Douglass, in Boston, recounted the Watch Night at Tremont Hall, where he and others eagerly awaited the signing of the document. As the night progressed, anticipation mounted for the long-awaited moment when the Proclamation would come into effect on Jan 1, 1863. Douglass wrote that each passing minute seemed to dampen their hopes, as the clock struck 8, 9, and then 10 o'clock, with no news reaching them.


#histodons #Juneteenth

It was well known that Lincoln would finally sign the Proclamation on January, 1, so Black Americans gathered where they could to await news of the signing. On New Year’s Day 1863, Black Americans in Beaufort, SC, gathered to hear Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson read the Emancipation Proclamation. He remembered the moment…I never saw anything so electric; it made all other words cheap…”


#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

Following Antietam, Lincoln spent much of 1862 writing the Emancipation Proclamation, being lobbied by Black leaders to include military service by Black men, & to expand its scope. While the Proclamation did not promise freedom to all enslaved people, it did provide a plan to free the enslaved people in the occupied territories of the South and to begin enlisting black men to fight in the Civil War.


#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

On “Freedom’s Eve,” Dec 1, 1863, the 1st Watch Night services took place as Americans waited news of the Emancipation Proclamation. At 12 AM, unrestrained joy erupted—3.5 million enslaved souls were “thenceforward, and forever free!" Union soldiers rushed to spread news, but not all gained freedom. It took 2.5 years—June 19, 1865—JUNETEENTH—-for over 250,000 Black Americans still held in bondage in TX to taste freedom.



Juneteenth became more than just a celebration of freedom. It became a way for families to reunite; a way for Black Americans to organize politically, economically and spiritually; a way to educate and inspire future generations to come; and a way to show their pride, strength, and resolve.


#histodons #History #CivilWar
#histodons #Juneteenth

«Hammer & Hope is a new magazine of Black politics and culture. It is a project rooted in the power of solidarity, the spirit of struggle and the generative power of debate, all of which are vital parts of our movement toward freedom.»

#HammerAndHope #BlackMastodon #BlackLivesMatter

Traditional #African tales of monsters, genies & malevolent spirits have been reworked in a new #Netflix series.
....retelling these folktales is an important part of cultural preservation & evolution, as .. oral traditions face extinction. Many #stories disappeared during the colonial period, when written western #literature was privileged & bans on vernacular languages, containing communities’ #cultures & #history were enforced"
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Donna Brazile:
The Excellence of Kamala Harris Is Hiding in Plain Sight

“For too many Americans, the idea that nonwhites and women actually got their jobs because of their qualifications, experience and talents is hard to believe. Maybe that’s because for most of American history, white men were the only people considered for high-level jobs in what amounted to affirmative action for them.”

#BlackMastodon #USPol #WomensHistoryMonth

Gift link:

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Gotta give posthumous flowers to Jerry Lawson, the man who created the first video game console w/interchangeable cartridges.

It was a watershed moment for gaming. As this USA Today article notes, it was "the foundation for today's global video game market."

In his honor, there's a Lawson exhibit on permanent display at The World Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY

A black man wrongfully jailed for a week in Louisiana after face recognition error, report says. Lawyer says police didn't check man's height, weight or the mole on his face.

#blackmastodon #facialrecognition


We're a collective of black hackers run by @nullagent & @rekcahdam.

We love ethical hacking, video games, Hip Hop and cinema!

This instance is hosted as a supportive place for artist and technologist. Feel free to request an account!

We're building a lot of projects (link in bio). All open source, some commercial. We'll post updates on them from time to time.

Happy Holidays and PartyOn!

#BlackMastodon #MastodonAdmin #PartyOn #BlackFriday

Architecture was my career choice as a teen. I loved designing and drafting the plans. And I was good at it, winning awards at the Texas state level all four years of high school.

I didn't study #architecture in college because they were moving away from #drafting on paper (what I loved) to AutoCAD. Ironically, I've been in tech since 1998. 🤷🏻‍♂️❤️

h/t @SamYoung841 & @futurebird


We normally promote the conference Tech Intersections: Women of Color in Computing on #Twitter but won't this year for obvious reasons.

Please help us spread the word about this #bipoc conference in #Oakland #California.

We're offering 20% off with promo code MASTODON. #BlackMastodon #BlackFriday

We are giving free tickets to people who have been laid off with promo code LAIDOFF.

The event includes an #ally skills workshop for supporters of #woc.

Please forward.

There is conversation about a proposed gathering of collectively/cooperatively/democratically run Mastodon instances.

As @natematias has pointed out, this conversation needs to start with #bipoc, #lgbtqia+, and other people who have been (and continue to be) attacked in social media spaces.

If you are running a #Black, #BIPOC, #LGBTQIA+ or other instance, does a gathering of collective/cooperative instances seem useful to you?

#deij #blackmastodon

I've put together a small, but incomplete, list of instances/communities with POC moderators., and Mastodon online, are not it.,,,,,,,,.

Here's how to move accounts and take your followers with you

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #BlackFedi #FediTips #TwitterMigration

It's Trans Awareness Week, and I think back to the Black Trans Flag, the dominance of whiteness in this queer space, and the lack of care white ppl have for their Black queer siblings
I've been here for years, let's go down memory lane

#BlackMastodon #TransAwarenessWeek

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