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By the way, if you enjoy my toots and tools consider dropping me a tip. I'm a starve hacker 😏

I have a personal ko-fi in my boi and linked below πŸ‘‡πŸΏ

I use this for personal emergencies and to do mutual aid work in my community.

In return, I'll keep the fedi-verse full of posts about local news, breaking politics and nerd shit πŸ–€

#BlackMastodon #CommunityJournalism #Politics

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If you're here for the nerdy hacker toys, consider donating to the Black hacker collective I founded with @rekcahdam. And be sure to follow our team accounts @dataparty + @rfparty

Donations made here go to helping us start a Black owned software company.

In return we're building open source linux mobile apps and games and need help getting off the ground so we can make more content and tools.

#gamedev #appdev #cybersecurity #opensource #linuxmobile

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