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Eric Adams is the worst.

‘NYC public libraries shutter weekend service due to Mayor Adams budget cuts’

#EricAdams #NYC #Libraries #NYPL

If you were Black and woke up in NYC on Monday, July 13, 1863, things got terrifying quick. For Black New Yorkers, there was no reprieve. Black life was dispensable to white mobs & law authorities. The Civil War, poverty, & rabid racism in 19th-century New York explains the events of that week. For Black Americans, the NYC Draft Riots were a heinous episode in an already brutal age. But it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

1/ #BlackMastodon #Histodons #History #NYC

Do you live in NYC?
Do you care about climate change?
Focus on the Bayway Refinery.

Bayway is responsible for the climate emissions of 3.2 million households. It's right across the river from Staten Island.
#nyc #oil #refineries #climate #bayway #degrowth

Content warning: NYC Dweb node's April Meetup on the 30th, 3-5PM EDT hosted @ Biotech Without Borders; boosts appreciated

Apr 30
DWeb NYC Node Meetup: April Edition
Sun 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
DWeb New York

Come hang out with folks associated with DWeb principles in New York City. This month we're being hosted at Biotech Without Borders, a member-led community lab providing low-cost access to molecular biology facilities and other biotech-related tools.

As food for thought, members of the lab ask you to consider the question: What do you want out of a decentralized research institution and what types of projects could it enable that aren't possible in traditional institutions (industry R&D, academia) because of our current incentives?

Come up to Suite 319. Please keep the door(s) propped open and if you're unable to get in please call or text 7086371289 and someone will come down.

Hope to see you there!

Long time #socialcoop community working group ops team member @michaelafisher is part of a group starting a multistakeholder #coop queer bar/coffeeshop in #NYC, and they are running an indiegogo campaign to raise funds to support their launch.

I just kicked in some bucks, and consider doing the same if you have capacity. :TwinPines:

“The Bean” underneath #NYC’s famous “Jenga tower” is complete! Super cool. Just a few blocks from where I work. #Architecture #Modernism

I’ve been in #NYC for over 20 years and had no idea there was a “Sniffen Court” … it looks and sounds right out of a fantasy film. Midblock East 36th in Manhattan. Originally stables for the wealthy houses around this area. #Architecture #Landmarks

One of the creepiest photos I’ve taken in #NYC. A thick black fog covered the Hudson River on my home the other night — many of us stopped to look and discussed a possible alien invasion. 👽🛸

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