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What #film or #tv show - (past or current) brings you joy?

Right now I find Julia (on Max) just delightful. The series follows Julia Child as she creates The French Chef.

While I admit I may be biased given I work on a PBS #food show, I don’t think that’s it. The actors are outstanding & it’s beautifully filmed - the colors are somehow both realistic & richer than real life. Characters are people I want to spend time with & every episode makes me smile.

A scene on the kitchen set from Julia on Max.
#tv #Film #food

What’s the scariest #film you’ve ever seen?

For me, it’s “Don’t Look Up” bc while the #movie is supposed to be satire, it’s terrifyingly plausible from my perspective as a former staffer who now studies science policy.

Nice to know that you're doing photography. and your using #film.

"Christopher Nolan's #Oppenheimer explores the work of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer & colleagues to create the atomic bomb.

Yet, the film fails to depict a key part of the story, using 2 female scientists as stand-ins for ALL of the women who contributed."

Hundreds of women were essential to the Manhattan Project, including Nobel Prize winning physicist Maria Goeppert Mayer. But they are largely absent in the #film. #HistoryRemix #science #history

Content warning: Self promotion; new film, music

Adam Conover Roasts CNN’s Boss, On CNN, Over Writers Strike

Once Again Corporate Greed & CEOS are the Cause....

I walked a picket line the last time the writers had to strike.....

#CurrentEvents #TV #Film #PayThePeople #FairWages

Death Valley Days: Secret Love [excerpt] - by Gorilla Tapes (1984)

This remix video was created by the British scratch video group Gorilla Tapes in 1984. The full 20 minute video is called "Death Valley Days" and re-frames the relationship between conservative politicians Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. It w...

Okay. So I'm part of making a short film called Eat Cake.

Its dark comedy where a 50s style wife kills her husband whos been sleeping around. The mistress comes to investigate and shenanigans ensue.

My college team has worked hard with me on it and I want to spread the word. Here's a behind the scenes video shot with 8mm film.
#film #eatcake #shortfilm #mastoart

Are there any developers out there interested in making a Film & TV review/discussion platform for the Fediverse?

Almost every time I've mentioned the Fediverse's excellent book platform @bookwyrm ( there have been people asking whether a film/TV version would be possible.

Does this sound doable to devs? Maybe it could use wikidata ( for film data the same way BookWyrm and @inventaire do with books?

If you know someone looking for new Fediverse ideas, could you pass this on to them?

# # # # # # # #

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