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Last month my partner and I were thrilled to find this little clump of mushrooms in the woods because that's who we are as people.

There was just enough light left to take this photo, which I submit for day four of my #ArtAdventCalendar

(#Nikon F70, Nikkor, Ilford Delta 400)

#mushroommonday #filmphotography #believeinfilm #blackandwhite

A dense group of mushrooms between two tree stumps. Roots and fallen leaves decorate the foreground.

I don't usually carry a tripod when I'm out hiking; I should get into the habit, because shots like this are just bloody lovely.

(#Leica Ic, Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar, Ilford XP2 in Rodinal)

#believeinfilm #filmphotography #blackandwhite

A black and white photo of a stream in the woods. There's some moss-covered broken masonry in the foreground, and the water looks smooth and glassy due to the long exposure.

Les jolis plan de La complainte du Sentier, 1955 Satyajit Ray #movies #blackandwhite

I waited for the drop, to witness the energy disperse, concentric circles ripple as if the air.

A friend once said ‘energy is, and will always be’.

#photography #blackandwhite #art
A droplet of water has caused contcentric circles to radiate out in a puddle that reflects a tree scape. A monotone image, that’s inverted, giving a sense of the circles being in the air.

Hi there, bien le bonjour, guten Tag 🙂
I'm a french guy struggling to find his place in Germany. I'm here to share mostly my analog black & white photos and sometimes musics or videos.

For curious persons I've got a shop on RedBubble:

On Society6:

A not so often updated Bandcamp:

And a Youtube:

#introduction #MastoArt #Art #photography #photo #BlackAndWhite
A blurry portrait of a man drinking a glass of wine. On top of a mountain a woman is standing in front of the sunset and the sun flares like an eclipse.
A portrait of a woman wearing sunglasses on her head and a blurry bokeh style background. A church on a beach in the fog.
2 persons are walking toward it.

2022-03-06 Sumi ink on A4 paper.

I won't dare decide on my own, if this can be called Sumi-e at all.
Perhaps it takes more than just using the tools.

One of the bulbous shapes resembles a nice, big bum, and that pleases me. 🙃

#SumiE #Sumi #Ink #Painting #Abstract #Dark #Night #Gray #InkWash #BlackAndWhite #MastoArt #rfg
An painting made with various intensities of black Sumi ink. It's an abstract, but the gradations of ink create bulbous forms, folds and the illusion of structure and movement. Background is a dark night, barely visible through the forms in the foreground.

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