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1/2 After a very difficult and urgent operation, Bilbo is feeling better. Today was his first day outside without a leash. Next Tuesday, we'll have another control and the suture removal. It is a gift of time together.
This sink drain is in the vet clinic. Because the surgery alone cost me over E 1000 (which I don't have yet), I put a Goal on Ko-Fi: You can help by buying me a #coffee or caffeine πŸ˜‰ as you wish!
#doglove #DogsOfMastodon #boostsappreciated #KoFi #help

Yup, coffee is good! β˜•οΈπŸ––

#StarTrek #Coffee #StarTrekVoyager


#Coffee is also a lot more than expected. Maybe I should ask my employer to give us #wine instead. Should be interesting...

Jokes aside, this is another example of the awful cynicism that seems to rule most of the world.

Content warning: Coffee, Star Trek

New coffeemaker from the antique store: a Drip-O-Lator, ca 1930. It brews amazingly well, with very gentle dripping and no bypass, much like the modern Tricolate. @rek #theGalley #coffee

I had some sugar syrup leftover after glazing the loaf, so rather than water it, I made a shaken espresso with it.

#drink #coffee

I may have crossed a line with my #coffee preparation. I now have dosing scales.
I blame James Hoffman.

Thanks to another episode of James Hoffman’s coffee based YouTube channel, I have been introduced to the Shakarto - or shaken cold espresso. It is a thing of beauty and tastes fantastic.

#coffee #drink #espresso

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