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1/2 After a very difficult and urgent operation, Bilbo is feeling better. Today was his first day outside without a leash. Next Tuesday, we'll have another control and the suture removal. It is a gift of time together.
This sink drain is in the vet clinic. Because the surgery alone cost me over E 1000 (which I don't have yet), I put a Goal on Ko-Fi: You can help by buying me a #coffee or caffeine 😉 as you wish!
#doglove #DogsOfMastodon #boostsappreciated #KoFi #help
No joke: There is a sign with payment methods under the sink drain of the veterinary clinic. Whether Mastercard, Visa or other, your money literally rushes away here.
Despite the heat, Bilbo enjoyed lying on his blanket in the blazing sun. Finally, he is allowed to move around without a leash. You can see how badly he is panting, he came inside immediately afterwards, drank and let himself fall on cool stone slabs. But this freedom to be grilled when he wanted was a pleasure.

Hi Mastodon #garden lovers or #soil knowers or #fungus experts, I have no idea what I've come home to in part of my newly planted garden, #help? looks like some sort of #seed? I recently added a heavy dose of #compost to this garden and planted lupin seeds underneath this particular area, but this looks odd!
small brown cups hold tiny black seeds and sit in mixed compost

Content warning: LGBTQ emergency crowdfund plz boost! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

#Help wanted: Could you please fill in and circulate (#retoot #reblog ) the following survey on #Mastodon and #fediverse ?

This survey is part of a #research project led by @__nate__ and me and it is aimed at understanding the reasons that motivated people to using Mastodon, their expectations in doing so and their current experience using it.

ever been sat in front of a bonfire, and a heater set to 40 degrees C, whilst in your clothes, and inside of a bed, and still only been at 5 degrees C temperature?


#rimworld #help #games #gaming

@Gargron While there is certainly room for improvement, and improvements to threading do seem to be on the roadmap (, threading in Mastodon is actually pretty good.

Here is a pretty (...way too?) detailed explainer on how to thread in Mastodon:

Threading and Pinning >>>

#twittermigration #NewHere #help

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