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Hi folks, I'm in the middle of a stressful move and have a budget shortfall. @chris has kindly put together a gofundme for me here:

If you can spare a few bucks, please kick in! If not, even a boost or share on your other social media would be very appreciated. Thank you kind folks all so much!

Boosts needed please!

#crowdfunding #moving #movingsucks #mutualaid #transcrowdfund @mutualaid

Content warning: GRS Crowdfund post :retootPlz:​

URGENT need for 400 dollars for legal fees:

Help Mari, a trans woman raise money for her legal fees and flee florida's anti-trans legislation and find some security in a better place, away from her parents, likely in minnesota.:

Goal: 3553/5700


Tags: #TransCrowdFund #LegalFees #TransMutualAid #MutualAid #GTFOmyState #Minnesota #Florida #Boost #Fundraising #Fundraiser

Help Andy, a transmasc individual flee florida's anti-trans legislation. They need to be able to pay for their rent and other living expenses to be able to sustain a safe life away from violence by shipping their goods to WA and moving there :

Goal : 445/3500 dollars


Tags: #TransCrowdFund #TransMutualAid #GTFOmyState #Florida #Washington #Fundraiser #Fundraising #MutualAid #TransMasc


Help Mia, a NonBinary individual cover for their living expenses as they recently had to flee florida due to anti-trans legislation, it is a bit urgent so if we can reach the goal within a week, it would be swell!

Updated Goal: 185/300 dollars*

*REQUEST: good job yall! pls BOOST again/keep BOOSTING!


Tags: #TransCrowdFund #MutualAid #TransMutualAid #NonBinary #Florida #GTFOmyState #Fundraiser #Fundraising

Hi y’all. Me and my wife are #queer and #trans with a trans dependent, and we have been fundraising since March. With your support, we escaped Ohio and have relocated to Illinois!

But we still need your help. We are really struggling with bills, and we need donations more than ever. Read our story here:

#LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #Pride #PleaseBoost! @mutualaid @gtfomystate

Jaycee is a #trans teacher who needs to flee #florida with their spouse, they recently got a job (congrats!) and need to cover travel costs! :

goal: 1771/3000 dollars

Tags: #MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #Fundraiser #GTFOmyState #boost #TransMutualAid

Content warning: LGBTQ emergency crowdfund plz boost! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Content warning: asking for help, boosts appreciated

Content warning: (please boost) transition crowdfunding

Content warning: (please boost) asking for money help

Content warning: (please boost) asking for money help

Content warning: (please boost) asking for money help

Content warning: (please boost) asking for money help

Hey, Mastodon! I'm a queer mentally ill artist who doesn't have a job, and really needs a source of income, so I'm offering commissions!

Art starts at £10/hour of work. (e.g: the dog artwork below took me 115 minutes, so it would be £18 total).

Email me at, talk to me on discord at spen#6097, or message me on Mastodon if you're interested!

#mastoart #creativetoot #commissions #transcrowdfund
three versions of the same artwork, one lined, one with flat colours, and one fully shaded. the time it took for each stage and the total price of the piece is below. my list of things i'm willing to draw, with a border of my previous artwork.
a samurai dog.

Help me make #QTBIPOC art and games! I'm crowdfunding 1st two things on my Throne wishlist, stickers and a lapel mic!

#Stickers will be the #anarchist locust design I made on my 1 art stream, and the mic is to make art streams easier to do and can happen w/ less spoons needed!

Streaming for me really helps me actually get work done, work that hopefully will help keep a roof over my kids head!

:sharesloved: #DisabilityCrowdfund #MastoArt #TransCrowdfund #IndigenousArt
screengrab of most of a red, white, and black round stick/patch-like grungy bold design. In the center is a large black simple locust with its wings spread and a white shadow. Above is " מֶ֭לֶךְ אֵ֣ין לָאַרְבֶּ֑ה וַיֵּצֵ֖א חֹצֵ֣ץ כֻּלּֽוֹ" and below is the English translation "locusts have no king yet they all go forth together". two bits of wheat are on each side of the english words. The whole thing has a thing black outline as well.

I need some help.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a car accident. I wasn't injured, but my car might be totaled.

Since I rely on my car for work, I'm kinda panicking about paying bills and whatnot.

I set up a #gofundme (link below) and got a fair amount of donations at first (very grateful to those folks), but those have nearly all been used up already.

We're getting low on groceries again, I need to refill my meds, we're running low on toiletries, and we've still got 5 or 6 utility and service bills coming up—most of which I'm already behind on.

Please give if you can; every little bit helps, and will be appreciated. And please share this post, even if you can't give.

#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund #pleasehelp #signalboost

hi, patch commissions are open! i can do either hand-drawn fabric paint on black, white, or off-white fabric, or i can do embroidery - either normal embroidery, or cross stitch, on various fabrics or colors of aida fabric.

if you have the extra funds, consider getting a patch for yourself or a friend, or at least give this a boost!

#CommissionsOpen #commissions #solarpunk #folkpunk #queer #fibrearts #embroidery #patches #transcrowdfund

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