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Due to #Nintendo’s refusal to release patches for #WiiU titles affected by the recently disclosed #RCE exploits, we are officially releasing our own set of security patches which fix these #exploits in multiple games.

These #patches work on official servers as well, you do not need to use #Pretendo Network to use these security fixes!

Stay safe!

hi, patch commissions are open! i can do either hand-drawn fabric paint on black, white, or off-white fabric, or i can do embroidery - either normal embroidery, or cross stitch, on various fabrics or colors of aida fabric.

if you have the extra funds, consider getting a patch for yourself or a friend, or at least give this a boost!

#CommissionsOpen #commissions #solarpunk #folkpunk #queer #fibrearts #embroidery #patches #transcrowdfund

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