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Where Pride events take place vs Legality of same-sex marriage & criminalization of same-sex sexual acts #pride #lgbtqia

Hi y’all. Me and my wife are #queer and #trans with a trans dependent, and we have been fundraising since March. With your support, we escaped Ohio and have relocated to Illinois!

But we still need your help. We are really struggling with bills, and we need donations more than ever. Read our story here:

#LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #Pride #PleaseBoost! @mutualaid @gtfomystate

Content warning: Queer Liberation March 2023

After making the trans pride Klingon emblem for my profile pic, I thought I'd go ahead and do some others. Feel free to use as you wish. More to follow. #klingon #pride #startrek #lgbtqia

Have a glorious #Pride!

Glories are an optical phenomenon caused by water droplets scattering sunlight back toward the light source, creating these rainbow-like colors. 🌈
@nasa’s Terra satellite captured this glory in the Caribbean in 2018.

No more Queer Menace for me. Call me... the RAINBOW DOOM!
#Queer #LGBTQ #Superman #Pride

"I try to be visible, to show folks who may still be in the closet that one can live their authentic life and be a part of something so amazing." Celebrate #Pride and read the story of Amy Lendian, a systems engineering supervisor at @NASAKennedy.

Online grifters, Republicans bureaucrats, and fascist thugs are doubling-down on their attacks against the #LGBTQ+ community and #Pride events.

We're happy to announce a new collection of resources for those looking to mobilize, push back, and defend their communities against these violent threats.

This includes original flyers, a printable handbook for organizers, materials to share on social media, and a list of report-backs from communities across so-called North America about how they organized to defend LGBTQ+ spaces from white supremacists and the far-Right.

#DefendPride #Pride #Pride2023 #LGBT #LGBTQ

Happy to share my bday month with the LGBTQ community. Yall loud and awesome.

"'NASA for all.' That's something that I think is really important because we are the universe, right? We are made of star stuff."

Celebrate #Pride and learn how Rebecca Sirmons helps tell the story of the universe as NASA TV's executive producer:

here's my pissed off pride month video for this year

but be warned: it gets pretty heavy


#pridemonth #pride #pride2023

Happy #Pride Month! Thank you so much to all our #LGBTQ members, staff and community members for working with us to make digital #privacy more accessible for all worldwide.

i finally managed to take a selfie (since I got my glasses) without too bad of reflections in them
it's not too high res, but, i need to get an actually reasonable camera..
hair is not 100% but i'm too sleepy to fix it, i'm not doing anything too notable for many days, so why bother- just relaxing
(photo taken at 104 days HRT)
#selfie #glasses #trans #woman #pride

I wanted to share the first #pride series I made. I made so very many versions of this.

A lot of my work ends up just being stuff I'd wear on a shirt. And then I try be be inclusive if the design calls for it. So it really ends up simplistic sometimes, but it's an aesthetic I like.

#MastoArt #lgbtqia #gaymer

>>Obligatory self promotion: I do have these in my Society 6 shop, and I added my Art Links to my profile where you can find all my stuff<<

CMY rainbow wave for # month🌈 🌊 11”x15” watercolor on vintage 1983 HP 7585B

# # # # #

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