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Some fun preliminary results from my #StarTrek survey. Overall respondents are pretty queer, definitely *don't* like Elon Musk, may slightly prefer cats to dogs, and a significant number seem to only like old Trek.

Have you taken the survey yet? I'm trying to get responses from a diverse audience, including those who don't really like Star Trek. Please take the survey and share it!

#StrangeNewWorlds #ds9

A pie chart showing that out of 4288 responses to the question "Do you like Elon Musk", 95.5% of them answered "No" Responses to the question, "Do you like only new Trek (post-2017), or only the older series (pre-2017)?" 79.4% said both, 19.5% said old Trek. Around one percent said only new Trek.
A pie chart for the question, "Are you a cat or a dog person?" 37.6% said "Cat", 33.3% said "Both", 22.5% said "Dog", and less than 10% said "Neither." A bar chart showing a variety of responses to the question, "Which of the following best represents your sexual orientation?" Only 54.5% have selected "Heterosexual/straight." 21.7% selected Bisexual, 15.2% selected Queer, 9.9% selected Pansexual, 9.6% selected Asexual, 6.5% selected Gay, 5.4% selected Lesbian, and 1.9% selected Other sexual orientation. Respondents were allowed to pick more than one option.

It either gets stuck at the bottom or gets dumped into your face.

#startrek #allstartrek #meme #memes

Image description: Commander Kira holding one of those blue wide-bottom mugs from DS9, googling "how do I get the last sip of raktajino out of my mug?"

Jessie Gender just put it really well concerning the #ReallyShortTrek from last week:

Star Trek: Infinite from Paradox releases October 12

#StarTrek #PCGaming

My new #podcast Before the Future Came isn't going to be about #StarTrek until the SAG-AFTRA strike ends, so we've pivoted to non-ST utopian #scifi, starting with Nnedi Okorafor's novella Binti:

Binti is an amazing work. 🤩 We had a lot of fun digging into the themes (violence & empathy, magic in scifi, and ostracization) and geeking about genre-specific stuff we loved. 🐙

(The ep transcript is running a bit behind, but should be up within the next couple of days!)

Tomasz (aka Mellow_Labs) is a self-confessed Trekkie, but he went on “a DIY adventure through droid design, 3D printing, and electrical engineering” when he briefly switched sides to build his very first droid.

#RaspberryPi #startrek #3Dprinting

Completely white 3D printed Star Wars esque droid

Yup, coffee is good! ☕️🖖

#StarTrek #Coffee #StarTrekVoyager


Cartoonish poster of Captain Janeway holding a cup of coffee. It reads: Drink Janeway replicated, COFFEE, The best organic suspension ever devised ... At the bottom there are 3 coffee packages labeled: Maquis blend coffee, Red alert coffee and Delta Flyer. I beat the BORG with it!

So with #StarTrek being a struck work that shouldn't be promoted during the SAG-AFTRA strike (, my new #podcast Before the Future Came is taking a bit of a swerve in its premiere:

I'm excited to read Binti and geek about it with my cohosts! We'll keep the original premiere episode in our pocket until the strike ends (hopefully with their demands being met! ✊🏾).

Round 1. 6/6

Deep Space 9 Vs Picard Season 1

Deep Space 9:

Picard Season 1:

#StarTrek #StarTrekDeepSpace9 #StarTrekPicard #DeepSpace9 #Picard #STDS9 #STPIC #DS9 #PIC

  • Deep Space 9 (95%, 109 votes)
  • Picard Season 1 (4%, 5 votes)
114 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

Round 1. 5/6

Voyager Vs Picard Season 3


Picard Season 3:

#StarTrek #StarTrekVoyager #StarTrekPicard #Voyager #Picard #STVOY #STPIC #VOY #PIC

  • Voyager (77%, 88 votes)
  • Picard Season 3 (22%, 25 votes)
113 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

Round 1. 4/6

The Next Generation Vs Picard Season 2

Next Generation:

Picard Season 2:

#StarTrek #StarTrekTheNextGeneration #StarTrekPicard #TheNextGeneration #Picard #STTNG #STPIC #TNG #PIC

  • The Next Generation (94%, 114 votes)
  • Picard Season 2 (5%, 7 votes)
121 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

Round 1. 3/6

The Original Series Vs The Animated Series

Original Series:

Animated Series:

#StarTrek #StarTrekTheOriginalSeries #StarTrekTheAnimatedSeries #TheOriginalSeries #TheAnimatedSeries #STTOS #STTAS #TOS #TAS

  • The Original Series (89%, 97 votes)
  • The Animated Series (11%, 12 votes)
109 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

Round 1. 2/6

Prodigy Vs Short Treks


Short Treks: (very short only the first 15 seconds of this video)

#StarTrek #Prodigy #ShortTreks #StarTrekProdigy #StarTrekShortTreks #STPRO #STST #PRO #ST

  • Prodigy (78%, 62 votes)
  • Short Treks (21%, 17 votes)
79 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

It's very comforting to me that Tom Polce, who worked on every season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, co-wrote all of the songs for "Subspace Rhapsody," along with his former Letters to Cleo bandmate, Kay Hanley. I absolutely adore both Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Letters to Cleo. So, things are looking good! (Less than 9 days!)
#StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds #SubspaceRhapsody #music
Screenshot from the trailer for Subspace Rhapsody, showing USS Entrerprise crewmembers dancing in the corridor.

Decided to do a fun #StarTrek thing.

Presenting the Star Trek TV theme bracket!

Vote for your favourite theme music from all the currently released Star Trek TV Shows. (Maybe we'll do movies another time)

This thread will have all the votes for Round 1.

I couldn't decide how to seed it, so I randomised the seeds.

Here is the bracket.

A single elimination bracket.

Round 1

9 Discovery Vs 8 Strange New Worlds
5 Prodigy Vs 12 Short Treks
13 The Original Series Vs 4 The Animated Series
3 Next Generation Vs 14 Picard Season 2
11 Voyager Vs 6 Picard Season 3
7 Deep Space 9 Vs 10 Picard Season 1

Quarter Finals
1 Enterprise (Auto qualified)
2 Lower Decks (Auto qualified)

The trailer for my new #StarTrek #podcast is out! 💃🏾

It's called Before the Future Came, and we're examining the ideologies of Star Trek through its eps/films/etc. We're interested in how it portrays (and fails to) its postcapitalist utopian ideals. Us hosts are all socialists, abolitionists, and queer, so discussion should be meaty.

It's not a chronological podcast, and we summarize each work at the top so you don't have to watch alongside. All eps will be transcribed.

"Now I see that you want nothing less than to destroy us…You live without a soul, Commander. You and your Federation exist in a universe of darkness, and you would drag us in there with you, but we will not go."
#StarTrek #DS9
Vedek Winn and Commander Sisko stare each other down.

After making the trans pride Klingon emblem for my profile pic, I thought I'd go ahead and do some others. Feel free to use as you wish. More to follow. #klingon #pride #startrek #lgbtqia
A version of the Klingon emblem in the colours of the inclusive pride flag, in front of a rainbow in space. A version of the Klingon emblem in the colours of the bisexual pride flag, in front of a rainbow in space.
A version of the Klingon emblem in the colours of the trans pride flag, in front of a rainbow in space. A version of the Klingon emblem in the colours of the pansexual pride flag, in front of a rainbow in space.

F-ck this sh-t. I thought Paramount Plus was billed as the home for all Star Trek. Cancelled, but the 2nd season will appear on another network?
#StarTrek #Prodigy

BREAKING: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Has Been Canceled –

I am bawling my eyes out watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S02E02 Ad Astra per Aspera. This one hits harder than every previous Star Trek civil rights court case episode.

#StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds #AdAstraperAspera #CivilRights #RebeccaRomijn #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds

Up next on my #StarTrek reading list, I’m continuing my read through of the #TNG novels with #24 - Nightshade (1992) by Laurell K. Hamilton #trekbooks
Cover of the TNG novel Nightshade (1992) by Laurell K. Hamilton, showing Worf, a flowering plant, and a blue planet in the background.

Tagline reads:


Wanted to share one of my favorite posts ever in case you havent read it: A Look at Afrofuturism in Star Trek: Discovery.


My partner found this and share it to our group chat. It was too perfect to not share here. #startrek #stsnw #lgbtqia #meme #heartwarming #TodayPlus
A meme with LGBTQ+ along the bottom. Each character from star trek above the letter. Jett Reno for L, Dr. Culber for G, Nurse Chapel for B, Gray Tal for T, Q for Q. LOL. And then a violet Star Trek badge for the +

I built the Enterprise in Tears of the Kingdom #StarTrek #TOTK

When construction of NASA's first Space Shuttle began #OTD in 1974, its name hadn't yet been chosen. First called the Constitution, it was later named Enterprise after the fictional ship in #StarTrek! 🖖

Learn about Enterprise and its naming process:

Content warning: Tears of the Kingdom

I really feel like what you're calling "terrestrial" should really be called "Class M". #StarTrek

Paramount finally greenlights Section 31 project - as a movie!

“Emperor Philippa Georgiou joins a secret division of Starfleet tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets and faces the sins of her past.”
#StarTrek #Section31

Paramount+ Greenlights ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ Film Starring Michelle Yeoh

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