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Some fun preliminary results from my #StarTrek survey. Overall respondents are pretty queer, definitely *don't* like Elon Musk, may slightly prefer cats to dogs, and a significant number seem to only like old Trek.

Have you taken the survey yet? I'm trying to get responses from a diverse audience, including those who don't really like Star Trek. Please take the survey and share it!

#StrangeNewWorlds #ds9

A pie chart showing that out of 4288 responses to the question "Do you like Elon Musk", 95.5% of them answered "No" Responses to the question, "Do you like only new Trek (post-2017), or only the older series (pre-2017)?" 79.4% said both, 19.5% said old Trek. Around one percent said only new Trek.
A pie chart for the question, "Are you a cat or a dog person?" 37.6% said "Cat", 33.3% said "Both", 22.5% said "Dog", and less than 10% said "Neither." A bar chart showing a variety of responses to the question, "Which of the following best represents your sexual orientation?" Only 54.5% have selected "Heterosexual/straight." 21.7% selected Bisexual, 15.2% selected Queer, 9.9% selected Pansexual, 9.6% selected Asexual, 6.5% selected Gay, 5.4% selected Lesbian, and 1.9% selected Other sexual orientation. Respondents were allowed to pick more than one option.

It's very comforting to me that Tom Polce, who worked on every season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, co-wrote all of the songs for "Subspace Rhapsody," along with his former Letters to Cleo bandmate, Kay Hanley. I absolutely adore both Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Letters to Cleo. So, things are looking good! (Less than 9 days!)
#StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds #SubspaceRhapsody #music
Screenshot from the trailer for Subspace Rhapsody, showing USS Entrerprise crewmembers dancing in the corridor.

I am bawling my eyes out watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S02E02 Ad Astra per Aspera. This one hits harder than every previous Star Trek civil rights court case episode.

#StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds #AdAstraperAspera #CivilRights #RebeccaRomijn #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds

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