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Items tagged with: activism

Banks must stop funding illegal Amazon deforestation, Prosecutor says after Greenpeace Brazil report #activism #greenpeace

This is sad. The #activism instance we've shared quality, important moments on is shutting down in early Oct due to no #donations. Years of collaboration soon lost.

We've not been able to donate $250 anonymously, so we're going to try a last #workingBee now.

If you NEED 10 HOURS VISUAL DESIGN done, we're taking offers ASAP for donations AUD$250+ to our instance. No email pls, DM only!

Pls BOOST. Help keep activism + get design(s) made.


The #OMN instances are based on the history of "offline" activism. #Activism is the crusty protest camp and #campaign, a #NGO office. #OMN value is that we "bridge" the two and keep this bridge in place

So protest camps have their share of "nutter" mess and the #NGO offices have the power politics mess. Let's try and get the two to compost this messy aproch to social change and challenge.

KDE's #sustainability initiative KDE Eco featured on the "KDE For Activists" page alongside many other excellent #FOSS projects!

KDE. Made for activists, by activists.

Made for you, by you!

KDE is developed by a community of passionate people. We develop KDE for everyone, from kids to grandparents and from professionals to hobbyists. Join us:

#KDEEco #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FEEP #SustainableSoftware #Ecology #Activism

@kde @carlschwan

How To Blow Up A Pipeline ebook is currently free. Just add it to your cart. #malm #pipeline #climate #activism

the fascist attorney general of Missouri has set up a tip site for complaints about gender transition, hope it doesn't get spammed by long, fake complaints over and over until he takes it down!

#trans #TransRights #LGBTQ #activism

Three Insulate Britain activists are serving jail terms for contempt of court for breaching rulings made by a judge that they were not to mention the climate crisis, fuel poverty or the history of the peaceful civil rights movement to juries.

The three – David Nixon, Amy Pritchard and Giovanna Lewis – were jailed after addressing the juries at separate trials to explain their motivation for taking direct action. #climate #protest #activism

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