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Welcome to #TransTuesday! I’ve talked so many times about how trans people and cis people really aren’t all that different, but there’s one way most cis people never realize that may just blow your mind. Strap in for CIS PEOPLE GET GENDER AFFIRMING HEALTHCARE TOO.

This one is VITAL for cis people to see. Cis friends, please boost this thread! We REALLY need cis folks to understand what's going on here.

#trans #transgender #transrightsarehumanrights #transrights

the fascist attorney general of Missouri has set up a tip site for complaints about gender transition, hope it doesn't get spammed by long, fake complaints over and over until he takes it down!

#trans #TransRights #LGBTQ #activism

New study finds "no substantial evidence of any biological advantages for trans women competing in elite women's sport."

"'What threatens women's elite sport, for cis and trans women, is not trans women, but is rather misogyny in the form of underfunding, non-parity in participation and leadership, inequitable sport space allocation/access, and a range of sporting opportunities not afforded to equitable ways.'"

#TransRights #cycling #queer

"I’m Becky Sauerbrunn, Olympic gold medalist and two-time FIFA World Cup champion. Since I started playing soccer, I’ve faced countless challenges to gender equity in sport, from pay disparity to unsafe working conditions. I can assure you that playing with or against transgender women and girls is not a threat to women’s sports."

#TransRights #NWSL #USWNT

The petition to remove #LGBT content from the uk curriculum now has 193,002 signatures. (It only needed 100k to be considered for debate in parliament, too)

The counter petition is rapidly gaining ground. It now has 52,837 signatures!

Pls sign if able. British citizens/UK residents have the *right* to sign, boost otherwise! 👇

Link to official petition to UK Gov & Parliament: Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

#LGBTQ #TransRights

I've just discovered that there's a petition on the #UK government petitions website to remove #LGBT content from the curriculum, effectively resurrecting the horrendous Section 28 from the 1980s.

There is also a counter-petition. As of this morning, the remove petition has over 178,000 signatures, the counter-petition has just over 2,500 signatures.

Please sign the counter-petition.

#LGBTQ #TransRights #Trans

It was never about protecting kids.

Yesterday in Utah, Senator Escamilla called Republicans bluff by making them vote on banning teenage breast implants in an anti-trans healthcare ban.

All Republicans voted against it.

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#trans #transgender #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #transrights

This is bad.

A new anti-trans bill in West Virginia would ban "transgender exposure to minors" as "obscene matter."

It would add to a law with a 5 year prison term, and to ALL laws around minors in WV.

It must not pass.

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#trans #transgender #transrights #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia

23 bills targeting trans people have been released in 14 states since the New Year.

I had to add several literally in the process of writing this as they keep coming out every hour.

Our community needs help.

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#trans #transgender #transrights #lgbtq #lgbt #lgbtqia

A terrifying bill was just dropped in the late night hours in Oklahoma that would medically detransition all trans people up to age 26.

I called this would happen months ago - states are moving towards outright elimination.

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#trans #transrights #transgender #translegislation #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia

Reminder: Neptune Frost is eligible for the #HugoAward next year.

It's an excellent Afrofuturist musical about labour rights, about systems of oppression, & about gender.

And it has an epic soundtrack.

If you care about SFF cinema as a distinct artform, and you vote on the Hugos, please give Neptune Frost a chance.

#Afrofuturism #Antifascist #Anticolonial #Labour #Labor #Solidarity #TransRights #TransrightsAreHumanRights #Antiracism


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