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Content warning: Crowdfunding rent for a community lab :boost_requested: 🦠 :scihub:

This is sad. The #activism instance we've shared quality, important moments on is shutting down in early Oct due to no #donations. Years of collaboration soon lost.

We've not been able to donate $250 anonymously, so we're going to try a last #workingBee now.

If you NEED 10 HOURS VISUAL DESIGN done, we're taking offers ASAP for donations AUD$250+ to our instance. No email pls, DM only!

Pls BOOST. Help keep activism + get design(s) made.


With 6 years of operation, is finally seeking donations formally to offset increasing costs and reduce the impact it has on the Foundation.

If has been useful to you, and you're able to donate, please consider donating today:

More information & stats are available on the (infrequently updated) blog:

Thanks for supporting free community-centric Matrix bots & bridges 😀

#matrix #donations

Been thinking of setting up some donations to help pay for hosting costs here. The problem is, I don't like Patreon at all. If possible, FOSS options are best but I'm okay using it if it at least supports one-time donations. Any ideas? #donations #patreon #patreonsucks

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