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You might see friends today suggesting you support Hard Drive on Patreon today. You know, the funny video games version of The Onion? As a journalist, I will firmly tell you DO NOT GIVE THEM A DIME.

The CEO has pushed out all former staff that have built the site up to its current greatness and has been pushing use of AI. The staff begged to have a Patreon before basically all being pushed out, but the idea was refused until now, when it will only line the pockets of a single person instead of hard working writers.

I know they might have provided laughs before, but Hard Drive is a shell of what it was once. Let it die and support the people who actually made those moments of joy possible.

Edit: I am trying to compile all of the sources of info at this time into one big post for ease of access, if you want to keep up with that as it's updated:

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This is greatπŸ‘‹, last I checked, #Patreon didn't have a way of taking 1 time donations only subscriptions. Please consider #BuyMeACoffee? This service also takes less of your donations when I last checked.

I'm already supporting Mastodon on #patreon. Money is well spent! πŸ‘

I'm a Patreon member so that's how I help!!

#patreon #everythinghelps

Been thinking of setting up some donations to help pay for hosting costs here. The problem is, I don't like Patreon at all. If possible, FOSS options are best but I'm okay using it if it at least supports one-time donations. Any ideas? #donations #patreon #patreonsucks

I've relaunched my Patreon! $1 gets you access to pretty much my whole archive~

🎏 🎏

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