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I just realized that not only I celebrate a whole year of Doodle O'Clock in November, but also it's been a year since I have been here on Mastodon!

Thank you so much for having me around here and being the absolute most lovely corner there is online ❤️

#Illustration #Drawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #Mastodon #fanart

When I feel burnt out from painting realistically, I draw mushroom bears.

#DigitalArt #DisabledArtist #Art

A digital drawing of a magical creature.  They have the body and face of a bear, a mushroom cap on their head, and fall colored oak leaves for wings. There is a light blue background behind the creature.

Last month's Ko-Fi sketch for Lunalae features a handsome scarred Tiefling! His name is Aetris ✨

#MastoArt #Ttrpg #CharacterDesign #DigitalArt

Red-skinned tiefling with dark red curved horns coming out of his forehead and a scar above/under his left eye (viewer's right). He wears a dark hooded cloak with metal details.

Oh hey it's #PortfolioDay!

Hello! I'm Squidtamer! I'm a US artist who likes to draw cozy, weird things, and the occasional sticker. Thanks for checking me out.

The rest🖇️:

#MastoArt #illustration #DigitalArt
Vaporwave style drawing of a cluttered desk in 90s-era knick knacks and candy My OCs, Bladimus and Roald, in the knife fight from Beat It. Road is saying "Admit it. You want a taste of this."
Podcast image for Cracking Cryptids & Curios with a swamp ape in a beret painting a sad crying child. Children's book illustration of a fake book about Marimba the cat. He is sitting on the ground with a pancake on his head and licking the remnants. The text says "Ker-splat! The pancake landed on Rimby's head! 'I'm so sorry!' cried Philip. Rimby licked his lips and said, "It's okay! It's still really tasty!"

Hello #PortfolioDay, I'm a Swiss artist working in video games and doing plenty of mostly black and white art in my free time!

You can also find me on Cohost:
And all of my art for easy browsing here:

And have a look at Kandria if you're into pixel art platformers!

#MastoArt #DigitalArt

Special Drawing Tgamm 💜👻


I'm excited, there are a few days left for season 2 😊✨

#TheGhostAndMollyMcgee #MollyMcGee #Jinx
#Tgamm #TgammS2 #myart #fanart #drawing #digitalart #Disney

🔬Bonnie L. Bassler
Molecular biologist. She researched chemical communication between bacteria, also called ‘quorum sensing’.

#microbiology #science #womeninscience #art #mastoart #ciencia #digitalart #portrait

🧬Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing precise DNA-editing technology, CRISPR.

#genetics #science #scientists #womeninscience #illustration #mastoart #art #portrait #ciencia #divulgacion #digitalart

recommended reading & food for thought:
“I tried to find a way to preserve code for 69 years (this is not a joke)”
it starts with this seemingly simple premise (let’s make a digital time capsule! yay!) but quickly falls down a confusing hole of data decay, the sad impermanent nature of digital work, and how preservation of digital art seems impossible currently.
#digitalArt #preservation #games

And so, it begins my next zine. This five part story will be a long (but fun) journey.

"The skies of Black River is tinted red by the fine dust lifted by the dry winds. But the streets run red in old blood, the blood of the many that built this country.

They tought you that the dark can't harm you if there is nothing there. But be careful, just because you are blind it doesn't mean the void can't stare back at you."

#MastoArt #illustrationart #illustration #digitalart

Content warning: Can hurt people with strong religious faith

I can finally show sketches of my new D&D character, Kalixti 💖
She's a sorcerer and I'm so excited to play her in this campaign!

#DnD #CharacterDesign #MastoArt #DigitalArt
Three portrait sketches of Kalixti, a pale skinned woman with freckles, reddish hair (rose gold) and dark eyes. Her fingertips look as if they are stained with black ink.

Greetings Mastodon!

My name is Sean Closson I'm an illustrator from a little village in Maine, USA. I make a lot of art featuring prehistoric creatures.

You can buy prints, tshirts, and other cool things with my work on it here:

You can follow me on various other sites here:

#introduction #paleoart #sciart #illustration #digitalart #digitalillustration #artistsonmastodon
"Lambeosaurus lambii," digital paint in Photoshop "Nothosaurus mirabilis," digital paint in Photoshop
"Sauropelta edwardsorum," digital paint in Photoshop "Kentrosaurus aethiopicus," digital paint in Photoshop

Seonil - The Gamer

Do you remember how I started #webtoonmystyle last year? Well I finished the last one of it: Seonil from The Gamer. I liked this art challenge a lot and it feels like I‘ve actually improved over the time.
Maybe I‘ll do some more of this as I read different webtoons by now.

WIP of this one is available on my patreon

💚 💚

#MastoArt #fediart #CreativeToots #webtoonmystyle #art #DigitalArt #smallartist #sixfanartchallenge #mopaniart
The webtoonmystyle tablet with six spaces each for one of your favourite webtoon characters. The first one is Jamie from The Epic Life Adventure Of Connor. Second one is Rori from Mystery of You. Third one is Ijin Yu from Teenage Mercenary. Fourth one is Artemis from Lore Olympus. Gifth one is Brook from I‘m the Grim Reaper. Sixth and final one is Seonil from The Gamer.
Digital artwork of Seonil from The Gamer. A guy with green-ish hair who screw up his eyes. He‘s wearing a blue jacket over his grey-ish t-shirt.

A little artwork I made for my partner NyaaaFoxx who currently streams Cult of the Lamb.

#art #mastoart #furry #furryart #digitalart #cultofthelamb
A feral blue fox on a black background. He is floating above a red glowing pentagram sigil which illuminates him from the bottom. His pink eyes are glowing. He wears a small black hat with a demonic red glowing eye looking at the viewer. The hat has a simplistic stylized form of a ram's head. He wears a red poncho and a big golden bell, on a black collar. Some yellow symbols, like a halo from religious iconography, glow in the background behind his head.

The whole artwork is based on the design of the main character from the video game Cult of the Lamb.

Is my lacking wit a good excuse for not having a clever caption?

#art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #sketch
Ibis is underrated I'd stick with CSP if not for them being greedy cunts
Them: All sonic Fans are furies



Finally got around doing a proper commission sheet, yay!

I have some expenses to pay, so if anyone is interested, hit me up (DMs or mail are ok!)

💕Shares are super appreciated💕

#CommissionsOpen #Commission #CreativeToots #MastoArt #DigitalArt
Graphic with commission info and examples. It includes the next elements:

Table with commission prices:
- Lineart: 8€
- Colored: 12€
Additional character: +6€

- Lineart: 18€
- Colored: 24€
Additional character: +15€

- Lineart: 30€
- Colored: 36€
Additional character: +20€
>Simple/Sketchy background: +5 to 10€

Will do/Won't do columns:
- Will do: Fanart, OCs, real people, suggestive stuff/nudity*
- Won't do: Mecha, furries, explicit nsfw*, anything I'm uncomfortable with.
*If you have any doubt about if it fits or not, don't be afraid to ask me (through DMs or email)

Terms & conditions:
- Personal use only.
- Payment through Paypal and upfront.
- It'll take around 2-3 weeks after confirmation to complete a commission.
- Mail contact: (you can DM to ask anything or brainstorm, but I prefer the main commission to be through mail bc of organizational purposes).

The graphic also has two example of full-body art, one in black and white, and the other in color; plus an additional one with a sketchy background. Next to the latter there is an arrow to the right and the phrase "more examples", signaling the other graphic.
It shows several examples of different types of drawings in the style of the commissions offered: lineart-only and colored art of busts, half-body and full-body.

Artemis - Lore Olympus

She‘s my favourite goddess of all the goddesses from Lore Olympus created by @usedbandaid

For uncropped and higher quality version come visit my patreon:

💜 💜

#MastoArt #art #CreativeToots #fediart #DigitalArt #mopaniart #loreolympus #webtoonmystyle #webtoons
The webtoonmystyle tablet with six spaces each for one of your favourite webtoon characters. the first is Jamie from The Epic Life Adventure of Connor. Second one is Tori from Mystery of You. Third is Ijin Yu from Teenage Mercenary. Fourth is Artemis from Lore Olympus.
Digital artwork of the Goddess Artemis from Lore Olympus. She has light purple skin and dark purple long hair and a restin bitch face. she’s wearing a plane light grey tanktop and has a red sweater bound on her hips.

Ijin Yu

Teenage Mercenary is still one of my favourite webtoons I’m looking forward to read every week.

Support is very welcomed:

🐺 🐺

#mastoart #CreativeToots #fediart #webtoonmystyle #dtiys #mopaniart #digitalart #art
the webtoonmystyle tablet with six spaces each for one of your favourite webtoon characters. The first one is filled with Jamie from The Epic Life Adventure of Connor. Second is Tori from Mystery of You. Third is Ijin Yu from Teenage Mercenary.
digital art. ijin yu from teenage mercenary. a boy with white-grey hair and a grey shirt.

Hi everyone!! My name is Astro 😀
I’m a Nonbinary, South Asian, 17 year old artist.
I do a lot of portrait art, I really love doing realistic works, they’re my favorite! However I do want to expand my art to cartoon type works so I’m trying that out!
I do art for fun, but I do have commissions open to make some extra money.
#introductions #mastoart #digitalart

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve done!

I had a hard time picking the piece I wanted to share first, but I think I decided on a good one :artblackcat:
Say hi to Galactic Cat!

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #abstract #cat #cosmos #galaxy #space
A digital watercolor painting of a cat. The setting is an abstract take on space, with speckles of purples, blues, pinks and greens mixed together. Stylized gold stars are randomly scattered about.
The cat is actually a black outline of a cat, leaping across the bottom right part of the image. It has a white glow around the outline, and its eyes glow pink.

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