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Posting here first, a brief showreel of some of the #orchestral #music I’ve written in the past year. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to chat about a #commission, or if you’d like to hear more.

Track list in next post.

Content warning: illustration/commission CW blood/gore


Finally got around doing a proper commission sheet, yay!

I have some expenses to pay, so if anyone is interested, hit me up (DMs or mail are ok!)

💕Shares are super appreciated💕

#CommissionsOpen #Commission #CreativeToots #MastoArt #DigitalArt
Graphic with commission info and examples. It includes the next elements:

Table with commission prices:
- Lineart: 8€
- Colored: 12€
Additional character: +6€

- Lineart: 18€
- Colored: 24€
Additional character: +15€

- Lineart: 30€
- Colored: 36€
Additional character: +20€
>Simple/Sketchy background: +5 to 10€

Will do/Won't do columns:
- Will do: Fanart, OCs, real people, suggestive stuff/nudity*
- Won't do: Mecha, furries, explicit nsfw*, anything I'm uncomfortable with.
*If you have any doubt about if it fits or not, don't be afraid to ask me (through DMs or email)

Terms & conditions:
- Personal use only.
- Payment through Paypal and upfront.
- It'll take around 2-3 weeks after confirmation to complete a commission.
- Mail contact: (you can DM to ask anything or brainstorm, but I prefer the main commission to be through mail bc of organizational purposes).

The graphic also has two example of full-body art, one in black and white, and the other in color; plus an additional one with a sketchy background. Next to the latter there is an arrow to the right and the phrase "more examples", signaling the other graphic.
It shows several examples of different types of drawings in the style of the commissions offered: lineart-only and colored art of busts, half-body and full-body.

Commissions are open! If you're interested or have any questions, send me a DM or an email to
Also offering animated gif commissions, check the samples and prices in the replies! And what I will and won't draw
Portfolio and TOS at:
#artist #art #commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt

Updated digital commission post!
Have a gander if you'd like an OC drawn, or one of your favourite characters (I'd love to do some Star Trek commissions, but have yet to do examples. So expect me to spam this once more)
My prices:
Ones with backgrounds (like these) - $65 / £50
Full Figures - $45 / £35
Busts - $33 / £25
More of my work here :
#mastoart #commission #commissions #creativetoot #art #illustration #digitalart

Hello! My commish's are open!

You can get them either through ko-fi or discuss with me via email.

All links can be found on my carrd here:

#Art #Original #FanArt #Commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

I got two cute commission for Dragulita of their three bbs. This was so fun to work on❤

#Art #Commission #FanArt #Splatoon #Pokemon #Blahaj #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon
A cute illustration of a Mareep from Pokémon, an Octoling from Splatoon, and a Blahaj (aka an Ikea Shark) all in a group hug.
A cute illustration of a Mareep from Pokémon, an Octoling from Splatoon, and a Blahaj (aka an Ikea Shark) all placing their hands together in excitement.


Boosts are appreciated!

What I’ll offer: Traditional mixed media paintings (watercolor, ink) with simple to no background
- Headshot -> 30$ USD
- Full Body -> 57$ USD
Prices may differ for brazilian commissioners and etc. Get in contact!

Payment: Paypal or national alternatives

Contact me:
-Email me for the whole exchange:
-DM me if you have any questions.

More info below!

#CommissionsOpen #commission #MastoArt

update old version of #commission id 🌿
feel free to ask smth about info or types of art
#CommissionMe #ArtistforHire #mastoart

📣 Hey all, I'm in a bit of a tight spot so I wanted to remind everyone that I am open for commissions. Boosts are extremely appreciated. If you have questions about any of the examples, please ask! 💕 💀 💕
#Commission #MastoArt

Time for an updated PayPal commission sheet! Feel free to hit me up via DM if any of it piques your interest 👀
Additional info and examples of my human character art further down the thread >>
#mastoArt #commission #artistforhire #art
An illustrated commission sheet. Icons are 20 Euro, halfbody drawings are 30 Euro, fullbodies 45 Euro and a fully illustrated scene with a complex background will cost at least 60 Euro.

Hello!! I'm excited to inform everyone that I now have commissions open for character portraits!! Whether its your World of Warcraft character, FFXIV character or anything else....I gotchu! ♥

Please read my Terms of service listed on my carrd below as well before commission consideration...thank you!! ♥

#CommissionsOpen #commission #fediart #MastoArt #portrait
A character commissions card. A miqo'te girl is in the middle with pink hair and a leather outfit wearing sunglasses. A divide goes across the shoulders to list the portrait price of 80 USD. A divider is at the bottom of the picture to list the half body price of 160 USD. Base price includes one major change, any extra changes will cost 30 per hour.

🎉 Commissions are open! 🎉

I am back from my vacation and my commissions are still open. Interested in my art but would rather have a full body drawing? Just send me a DM! 😀

#art #mastoart #commission #CommissionsOpen #CommissionsAreOpen #sketch #ink #inkdrawing #lineart #watercolor #digital #digitalart
Commissions are open! I offer bust and half-body drawings as pen sketch, ink drawing, watercolor piece or digital art. I will draw humanoids, lewd and add weapons. I won't draw mecha, furrys, gore or porn. Send me a DM if you are interested. Examples of my art. Bust watercolor pieces (33€ or 11 Ko-fi), half-body watercolor pieces (39€ or 13 Ko-fi), bust digital art (45€ or 15 Ko-fi), half-body digital art (51€ or 17 Ko-fi)
Examples of my art. Bust sketches (12€ or 4 Ko-fi), half-body sketches (18€ or 6 Ko-fi), bust ink drawings (24€ or 8 Ko-fi), half-body ink drawings (30€ or 10 Ko-fi)

#mastoart #commission

hello! im opening art commissions again. if you're interested you can message me here or on discord at morgan#1846

using kofi for payment currently:

here's the info you need, plus some examples of my art:
Waist up
Flat colors: $30
Shaded: $35
Full body
Flat Colors: $35
Shaded: $45
Flat Colors: $20
Shaded: $25

All options include a simple geometric background

1- Pick an option from the list, or message me about  something not on the list
2- Send me references or descriptions of the  character, pose and anything else relevant
3- As I'm working on it, I'll give regular updates and ask for feedback
4- You get the final render, the CSP file and PSD file

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