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I always liked this sketchbook page. I don't remember exactly what these were for and it no longer matters.

#watercolor #sketchbook #MastoArt

A sketchbook page with four watercolor sketches of shadowy sea monsters, three of which are interacting with sailing ships.

I just found out we change our avatars for #spooktober! I'm into it!

#MastoArt #watercolor #rat

A rat driving a pumpkin car!

Painting at night and using our son's nap time, I finished illustration number 58 for the next book. Only TWO to go! This time, insides of the wood suppliers/custom furniture shop from the series. I had such a fun time researching and drawing all the tools used in woodworking! #ink #fountainpen #watercolor

Saw that I don't have an introductions post pinned anymore...?

Anyway, hi, I'm Veit. I like drawing and gushing over art supplies (which I hoard like an ink-speckled dragon). Other interests include watching people play video games, pharmacology, flowers, the fun things our bodies and minds do and horror (albeit mostly the horror found in everyday lives)

#mastoart #introduction #creativetoots #ink #horror #watercolor

🎉 Commissions are open! 🎉

I am back from my vacation and my commissions are still open. Interested in my art but would rather have a full body drawing? Just send me a DM! 😀

#art #mastoart #commission #CommissionsOpen #CommissionsAreOpen #sketch #ink #inkdrawing #lineart #watercolor #digital #digitalart
Commissions are open! I offer bust and half-body drawings as pen sketch, ink drawing, watercolor piece or digital art. I will draw humanoids, lewd and add weapons. I won't draw mecha, furrys, gore or porn. Send me a DM if you are interested. Examples of my art. Bust watercolor pieces (33€ or 11 Ko-fi), half-body watercolor pieces (39€ or 13 Ko-fi), bust digital art (45€ or 15 Ko-fi), half-body digital art (51€ or 17 Ko-fi)
Examples of my art. Bust sketches (12€ or 4 Ko-fi), half-body sketches (18€ or 6 Ko-fi), bust ink drawings (24€ or 8 Ko-fi), half-body ink drawings (30€ or 10 Ko-fi)

Just a fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra) for your Friday.
I haven't explored Mastodon as much as I planned, because unfortunately some of the negative aspects of Twitter remain here too. I guess we're all just humans here trying to communicate in short sentences and I'm very tired of that.

But thanks for all the nice feedback about my art, folks! I think I will not make this platform a daily habit, but drop by when I feel like it. :artpaw:
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Painting of a fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra) in watercolor by Julia Bausenhardt

Hello Mastodon art people! I’m Julia, an illustrator and naturalist from Germany. I’ve quit all social media a few years ago because addictive algorithms, ads, infinite scrolling and tracking surveillance were killing my creativity.
Mastodon is likely the last social media experiment I’ll try. Here are some birds for you, because although I’ve left Twitter, I love drawing birds.
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House sparrow in watercolor by Julia Bausenhardt wren in watercolor by Julia Bausenhardt
common raven in watercolor by Julia Bausenhardt Woodpecker in watercolor by Julia Bausenhardt

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