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Hello Mastodon art people! I’m Julia, an illustrator and naturalist from Germany. I’ve quit all social media a few years ago because addictive algorithms, ads, infinite scrolling and tracking surveillance were killing my creativity.
Mastodon is likely the last social media experiment I’ll try. Here are some birds for you, because although I’ve left Twitter, I love drawing birds.
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in reply to Julia Bausenhardt

yeah figuring out how to balance a feed of interesting things with the rest of life is really tricky. Mastodon has been a quieter and slower paced feed for me, but with the influx of new folks (who I have excitedly followed, as well who have swelled the local timeline) I have to work on building some better habits (which will likely include unfollowing some and checking the local less frequently).
in reply to Danny (he/they)

I really hope that Mastodon will keep at least that feeling of being a cog in surveillance capitalism away. I agree that one still has to manage their scrolling habits, but this seems at least a halfway sane alternative. 😀
in reply to Julia Bausenhardt

For sure! There are wonderful community members here. I moved away from twitter and google (although got pulled back into gmail recently through the community lab 🤦) because I didn't like the nagging knowledge that my interactions were being tracked and optimized in a profit-driven (inconsiderate) way by companies with powerful computational tools. There is a piece of mind that I found here that I didn't have on Twitter; that I didn't know was possible on social media.
in reply to Danny (he/they)

I know, it's hard to completely evade those companies, they do have some very practical tools (I also still have some ties to Google).
I still remember how the internet felt back in the late 90s, I'd love to get that back. As you say - peace of mind. Maybe this place can mimic that a bit.

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