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Let me have a correct #introduction .
Hi! I’m Djigr, evolutionary #biologist, #paleontologist , #artist and published #paleoartist ! I work on various subjects such as #temnospondyls (#crocofrogs from the past) and 3D molecular structure prediction by AI.
I do #scicom and #sciart on feathered #dinosaurs and #evolution, am known for my fake TV journal #CROW+ that teaches about #crow biology!
I’m a co-founder of Chicken Wings Dinosaurs, which produces cute and cool paleoart :sparkles_fiery:

Woke up super early and hopped on a train from London to Kent, thought I should try Gravesend market for about 200 of my handmade jewellery. It's very empty and I'm yet to make enough to cover the cost of travel here.. anyone in Kent? Anyone who knows anyone in Kent? Come say hi ❤️
My Etsy shop:

#UK #Kent #England #london #unitedkingdom #saturday #caturday #jewellery

#handmade #art #artist #artists

Photo of my market stall full of handmade jewellery Side angle of my market stall
Selfie on the train, green top

Today marks the one-year anniversary of releasing my first #album “Enjoy the Ride”! I think it’s my best expression of my #music, #art style, and who I am as an #artist! :MOULE_Happy:

Check it out on :Bandcamp: #Bandcamp at and 20+ other platforms at 🩵🤍🖤 #Musician #Musodon #FediMusic #MusiciansOfMastodon #ElectronicMusic #EDM #Electronic

If I say stars, mushrooms, flowers, snowflakes, moons, wolfs, butterflies, gemstones, shine, leaves, trees, elephants, star fishes and rain drops, does it remind you of someone you love or make you feel like you want to visit that realm of nature and fantasy?
If the answer is yes, I invite you into this world and you can take gifts from it for you or someone you love ❤️
Here's my little Etsy shop, containing of all of the above ✨️

#art #artist #handmade #Tuesday

Selfie with 3 handmade necklaces and earrings 
Necklaces with beads and pink butterfly, green glass drop and purple star pendants

Hi there. A wee #introduction

^ are an #artist collective with a shared art space in Manorhamilton, Ireland. We are a group of humans, nonhuman organisms and a 3-storey building, all working together on artistic research on the blurred topics of #art, landscape and technology.

^ experiment with shared leadership structures and artistic research practices. We are learning from one another, from you all, and from people, places and things we may never meet or identify.

An artist-occupied building on a street corner painted a grey-purple on the ground floor. The second and third floors on the corner tower have tinted black glass.

Content warning: illustration/commission CW blood/gore

No idea how something like this will do here... but lets try!

Heyo, currently in between studio jobs. If you'd like some pixels hmu via DM or over on Discord(illusionofmana#0402).

Please ask any question you'd like her or in DMs!

#pixelart #3D #animation #lowpoly #gaming #gamedev #retro #art #artist #programming #fanart #mastoart
Pixel Art Commission Sheet. All Prices USD
Chibi Sprite $10
Character Sprite $30
Big Character Sprite $50 
Portrait $30
Medium Shot $50
Full Shot $100

Comes with Free Backdrop. Please ask about Animation or Bulk order quotes.

#artist - myself
I wish calm evening to everyone

Hello! I'm an digital #artist and interested graphics #programming.

I've included some of my work from my projects and my artwork. If you're interested in seeing more, please visit my website at!

I'm happy to be here on #mastodon! I'll be posting more of my art here but also whatever interesting and pretty graphics stuff I create 😀

#introductions #MastoArt #art
Showcasing the lighting from Prism
Catgirl mew

Commissions are open! If you're interested or have any questions, send me a DM or an email to
Also offering animated gif commissions, check the samples and prices in the replies! And what I will and won't draw
Portfolio and TOS at:
#artist #art #commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt


Afronomenon is currently made up of 3 Artists, 2 outta the 3 writers, 2 outta the 3 animators. All on to work on our first project - Judegement Day by Jonathan Martin

#artist #MastoArt #independent #BlackCreator #studio #comics #animation #music #writing

👋 Salut ici ! #introductions (repost)

Je suis Zorume, une #artist amatrice française 💙 Voici 4 de mes #illustration récentes. Je dessine du #FanArt, de l'original et des #OC.

:heart_sp_ace: Asexuelle • Panromantique :heart_sp_pan: • Agenre (elle) • 25 ans

Vous pouvez me soutenir sur #Kofi :ko_fi: où je poste tous mes dessins. Je vends aussi sur #RedBubble.



#OnePiece #Homestuck #DCComics #CodeLyoko lover 💙

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Art #WomensArt #QueerArt
Illustration traditionnelle.
Fullbody de mon OC One Piece Aurora Daelys.

Elle est blanche et curvy, avec de grands yeux bleus et des cheveux courts allant du violet foncé aux racines, à du rose pétant aux pointes. Elle porte un croptop à bretelles jaune, un short marron avec un volant jaune au bout.
Elle a des pattes d'oiseau à la place des pieds, et des ailes bleu électrique avec des touches de roses à la place des bras. Ses mains sont humains.
Derrière elle, les drapeaux lesbien et asexuel. Illustration digitale avec Jewelry Bonney (à gauche) et Perona (à droite) du manga One Piece, et mon OC, Zara Roronoa (au milieu).
Bonney est blanche avec de longs cheveux lisses roses, et porte un tank top blanc avec écrit "UGH" en plusieurs couleurs, un short noir avec des parties colorées, et des chaines en or sur la droite, et un collant résille par dessous. Elle a plusieurs bagues, bracelets, et un choker noirs avec des chaines et décorations en or. Elle tire la langue. Elle a aussi un piercing sous l'oeil droit, et des boucles d'oreilles en or.

Zara est blanche (bronzée) avec des cheveux lisses bleus attachés en queue de cheval. Elle porte un débardeur crème sur son maillot de bain bleu, et un short en jean. Elle a un anneau en argent et saphir sur l'annulaire gauche. Elle sourit, les yeux fermés.

Perona est métisse (peau noire plutôt claire) avec de très longs cheveux roses foncés en anglaises, et une frange. Elle a un tatouage de chauve-souris rose pâle sur le bras gauche, et porte une robe rose-bordeaux avec des motifs de chauve-souris, lunes et étoiles. Elle porte plusieurs accessoires rose d'or et rose pâle.

Le fond est gris ardoise avec des dessins comme à la craie liquide, bleu électrique, rose et rose foncé. Des coeurs, ronds, des XP et autres sont dessinés.
CW sang.
Illustration digitale de mon OC One Piece Zara Roronoa. Elle est blanche (mais bronzée, méditerranéenne), avec des cheveux lisses et plutôt longs bleus. On voit son buste, elle a les mains levées vers son visage, pleines de sang. À sa main gauche, elle porte une bague en saphir à l'annulaire.
Elle a aussi du sang sur le visage et la poitrine, et ses yeux sont ouverts et regardent droit dans les vôtres, bleus clairs. Son expression est douloureuse, triste et en colère à la fois. Elle porte un haut de maillot de bain bleu comme ses cheveux.
Le fond fait de grands coups de pinceaux noir-bleutés autour d'elle, et bleu à blanc sur les côtés. Illustration digitale, fanart pour le chapitre 1000 de One Piece (spoiler alert).

On y voit les portraits de 5 pirates côte à côté, séparés par des lignes obliques.
De gauche à droite : Trafalgar Law, Roronoa Zoro, Monkey D. Luffy, Killer et Eustass Kidd.

Ils ont tous l'air sérieux (sauf Kidd qui sourit) et prêts au combat. 
Le fond est un dégradé (haut vers bas) de bleur foncé vers bleu-gris, avec écrit plusieurs fois en mosaïque "One Piece 1000 Zorume 2021".

I uploaded some of my #OnePiece #FanArt as free phone & desktop #wallpapers on my Ko-fi :ko_fi: shop 💙

Get them here :

Thank you for your support y'all 💞

#MastoArt #QueerArtist #Shop #Artist
screencapture of my Ko-fi shop. There are 7 preview squares on several wallpapers with their names below. They're all marked "Free +" on the bottom roght corner of the pic.

Hi everyone! I'm Adlan & I'm a UI Technical Designer at a AAA studio by day & a solo gamedev/artist by night!

Looking forward to meet new people & make more meaningful connections here. I hope this platform works better for artists & gamedevs compared to that bird platform 😆

Here's a showcase of my previous & current games! (These are all GIFs in case they don't autoplay here 😅)

#introduction #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #ui #design #art #artist #mastoart

✨ hello gays and others, i'm roh, a queer guy from brasil who likes to draw stuff ✨

💚 ig:
💚 patreon:
💚 other links:

#art #artist #MastoArt #introduction
painting: 2 pokemons (poliwrath) laying on top of a towel (with the pride flag colors) on a beach, while holding hands a painting of a brightly man with a bull head floating above a dark swamp with an upside hearts bleeding in front of his belly.

blood descends in a geometric pattern, mimicking tree roots, from his body to the water bellow.
painting of a melting pink man with horns and no face, 2 white arrows piercing his back, standing on one knee in a field that is melting upwards, while presenting a floating big eye with his hands painting: a sword stuck on a stone, in an old ruined temple


I'm a visual #artist working who builds #interactive digital media installations. I'm a supporter of #opensource and #commonage or #commons (digital and physical).

I am working on projects about 'networks' (woodland, digital, human) and planning to use a platform for a project in the UK later this year.

Look forward to meeting #artist #curator #environmentalist #programmer or anyone interested in a world built on community!

I'll post some recent #artworks here to get started.

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