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If you care about building a music library you can listen to for years to come, don't use Spotify, and buck against the trend of exploitative streaming services. Learn about where to get DRM-free audio on our DRM-free living guide: #EndDRM #BoycottSpotify #Spotify

Just a reminder that if you're a #Spotify customer, you're paying the platform to give anti-vax, conspiracy-theory podcaster Joe Rogan $250M to spread dangerous misinformation.

I switched to Deezer. There are many other choices: Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Qobuz and others. If you are the type to abandon Twitter because of Musk, why pay Spotify to make Joe Rogan wealthy and the world less informed?

Yeah, life’s hard when you’re not on #Spotify 🤣

I guess I’ll survive on #AppleMusic a little while longer

"In a completely unrelated note, Spotify is shutting down in Uruguay after the country passed a bill that requires fair pay to artists, as reported by MixMag. The company made threats to shut down when the bill was first suggested back in July and now it has followed through. A spokesperson for Spotify actually wrote Uruguay's Minister of Education, Pablo Da Silveira, to say that the country’s bill would force it to “pay twice” the amount of royalties to artists." "

#Tech #Music #Corporations #Spotify #Capitalism

This is such a cool idea.

It's estimated that 100,000 new songs are uploaded to #Spotify every day.

Inevitably, that means loads of really great music never gets heard.

Thanks to Venus Theory, I've just heard about #Forgotify, which points you to songs on Spotify that have no listens, or at least no complete play throughs.

And I've already found some real gems!

#Musodon #Music

As #Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek invested 9 figures EUR into defence startup Helsing and continues to host misinformation by Joe Rogan exclusively paying him 100m USD, it's time to leave this #music and #podcast platform for good. Highly encourage to #deletespotify esp. if you pay for Premium subscription. #canceljoerogan

Artists boycott Spotify as CEO invests €100m in AI defense tech: “It's a complete contradiction of our music philosophy” | MusicTech

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