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Listening party has started at the Start listening to the songs and prepare to vote soon. Oh. And start with It's the best haha #fedivision2023 #fedivision

Voting for #Fedivision2023 is open right now and until sunday, June 18th 2023, 5 PM UTC.

Voting works by mentioning this bot and writing "vote xxxx" where xxxx is the four letter code for the song you want to vote for.

The four letter codes can be found in square brackets in the playlist and in the song descriptions next to the word "Code":

A description of the voting process is also available here:

Hello once again to musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Music has been written! Forms has been filled out! And deadlines have been reached!

A grand total of 43 songs participate in this #FediVision2023.

They can all be found in a playlist on the website, so you can go listen to them right now!

Further info on how voting works can be found in the next post and also here:

Let the listening begin!


🎉 Submissions for FediVision are open! 🥳

Head over to our official site at and submit your original, up to now unpublished song to take part and find out everything about this fun contest. You have until June 5th 2023, 1 PM UTC.
#FediVision #FediVision2023

Fedivision Song Contest, the annual event where (amateur) musicians from all around the fediverse compete, is about to kick off! It's 2023, it's our third Fedivision, and we can't wait to hear what you all come up with!
Please follow the official bot @fedivision, watch for #fedivision and #fedivision2023 and head over to for all the info!
And start your music production engines - now!

Please note: Fedivision Song Contest is for previously unpublished, original songs.

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