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Using it everyday to repair borked Windows Installs, data recovery, forensic hardware diagnostics & examination.

Combine with that a very long conversation with Microsoft on the impossibility to customize the desktop experience for dedicated purposes (again someday I will tell that story) led directly to a career in embedded Linux and a lifelong Desktop #Linux supporter.

#TLDR #Knoppix #FreeSoftware #Philosophy #Community #Licensing #Freedom

At long last, the Thunderbird blog now has a "Share To Mastodon" button!

A hearty round of applause and eternal thanks to @micah, @oopsallnaps, and @devmount for making it happen πŸ’™

#Mastodon #Community #OpenSource

The NYD 24 Global Stream Parade officially kicks off in les than an hour at 0100 UTC.

This will be our thread for announcing upcoming stops on the parade route which can be seen at:

We and the broadcasters will use #NYD24Parade if you want to keep an eye out, or mute for the day. Boost the participants and let's celebrate discovering some of your fedi streaming friends.

#streaming #broadcasting #live #JoinIn #party #antiparty #community #friends #owncast #peertube

Get ready for the New Year's Day 24 Global Stream Parade! from your fedi adjacent alt streaming and broadcasting friends.

We have 24+ hours of amazing special content lined up kicking off at 0100 UTC Jan 1st.

It's a massive distributed parade of party, anti-party, laugh, learn, riot, share, entertain, comfy and more hangouts in the spirit of #JoinIn, #SitTogether and celebrating #community.

Here is where we will keep the parade route (schedule):


Please join us Wed 2100 US EST, Thur 0200 UTC on the RFF #owncast video channel for a live acoustic performance from visual, writing and music artist @SabiLewSounds

Help us test and explore #community spaces for performance, busking, discussion, listening parties, hangouts etc, in support and celebration of our creative fedizen friends.

#radioFreeFedi #live #streaming #acoustic #singerSongwriter #mastoMusic #liveMusic

Content warning: Crowdfunding rent for a community lab :boost_requested: 🦠 :scihub:

There are many nextclouders who have come from different parts of the world πŸ—ΊοΈ

The community is growing more and more!

Thanks to all of you who make it possible for Nextcloud to improve every day πŸ’™

#NextcloudConf #Community

Been a busy past few days with work, travelling, and fighting off jet lag... but one thing that I am happy to announce is that an HPC community engineering team that I helped start is now officially a part of the Ubuntu project. If you are interested in using Ubuntu for HPC, or just interested in being involved with a community engineering team, you should totally check out this article below πŸ‘‡

#ubuntu #HPC #openscience #Community

For those that missed it here's our presentation for our graduation from the OLS-7 cohort. We're excited to keep building up our community with the direction we worked on formalizing during our time in the program.

#community #OpenScience

DiveRSE Seminar: Improving #Diversity & #Inclusion in #ResearchSoftware Engineering #Community by
8June 11:00 UTC online. A framework explaining that #discrimination has an accumulated impact & advice on making a difference now #RSEng #CompSci

The program of the 8th EasyBuild User Meeting (EUM'23), 24-26 April 2023 in London, is now almost complete, including a keynote talk by Ian Cutress (a.k.a. TechTechPotato).

If you plan to attend (physically or remotely), please register!

#HPC #community

Hello #fediverse

Let's make this first toot count...

Check out our revamped documentation 😎 :

8th EasyBuild User Meeting πŸ₯° , 24-26 April 2023: - register if you plan to attend (physically or virtually).

6th EasyBuild User Survey 🧐, open until 31 March 2023: - let your voice as an EasyBuild user/contributor be heard!

#HPC #community

Be part of the Nextcloud community!

Join our upcoming webinar and discover how you can make valuable contributions to our open source project.

Register now to secure your spot!

#Nextcloud #opensource #community #webinar

some notes and numbers:
-yall be tuning in for various midweek reasons. awesome!
-the next post you see from us will probably be a rather big announcement
-if the planets align technically you could listen to RFF for almost a day and a half straight and not hear the same song
-we are getting quite close to 200 contributing artists milestone. such wow!

keep telling listeners and artists about your fedi #community #radio

listen, submit, contribute:


Ready to make a difference in open source?

Get the resources and guidance you need to contribute to #Nextcloud project by signing up for our webinar!

Join our global community of contributors and make an impact.

#opensource #community #webinar

Content warning: Hungry for justice

nordic rap? y
piano? y
metal? y
techno? y
experimental? y
punk? y
synthwave? y
industrial? y
folk? y
ambient? y
jazzy? y
EBM? y
EDM? y
power pop? y
goth western? y
rock? y
synthpop? y
dnb? y
trip-hop? y
fun melds of the above? y

this is but a sample of what the ensemble #community cast contributing to #radioFreeFedi has for you!

what else have you got?

see the website and pinned threads for how to submit music or contribute in other ways

keep fedi weird!

Usual things. Stay awesome out there with the amazing response to the station vibe and the artists, and the support being shown to each other! #community

keep music and reading submissions coming. info on how to at:


we have begun recording micro interviews. these will be artist showcase segments and ideally will correspond with a recent, synchronous or very imminent release that we have on station when first played. DM interest.


Today we have added 4 new artists, a few station IDs and some station jingles proper classic radio style.

Keep music submissions and consents to play coming in. And get in touch if you want to submit voice reads or writings for theNews.

Keep finding new sounds, friends, and collaborators to share and support!

ALL contributors are listed as are ways to listen and various ways to contribute:

this is YOUR 24/7 fedi community radio

#radioFreeFedi #community #radio

#introduction radio free fedi is a small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial, attribution promoting, community radio

we are now ready to accept more submissions, and are here to promote sound and music artists, their support links, desired license and fedi presence if they wish in an eclectic and fun radio format

24/7 music from the fedi with "theNews" at the top of each hour

keep fedi weird

#radio #community #fedimusic #fediart #music #art

dear #mastodon,

thank you for such a warm welcome towards the network and @hiphopvideos project! with your help, a solid #community is coming together!

next, i'd like to offer up these spaces to represent more #hiphop #elements.. .

"Graffiti All Day" (@graffiti): dedicated to #graffiti & #streetart


"Beat Street" (@beatstreet): dedicated to the #dj, #beats, & #production

please, if you support this kind of cultural content, consider a submission, follow, boost, or visiting!


Check out the podcast by @linode on how Nextcloud empowers users to take back control of their data!

πŸ“’ Speaker: Nextcloud's Manager of Alliances, Ecosystem & Support Daphne Muller

#community #friday #podcast

# time! Our desktop team released a RC3 yesterday, and today beta 3 of Nextcloud v24 came out. YOU can help make Nextcloud better by testing, reviewing pull requests or writing code! # #

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