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Eviden (part of Atos) is hosting a lunch briefing at #SC23 on Mon Nov 13

Besides the obligatory marketing, it will also feature 👇

#JUPITER Panel Discussion: Architecting the First European #Exascale System

Register at:


LLVM merges initial support for the #OpenMP kernel language.

This will help having performance portable #GPU codes. The extensions allow for the seamless porting of programs from kernel languages to high-performance OpenMP GPU programs with minimal modifications.

#HPC #Embedded

Join us next Friday at noon EDT for the #OpenMP Users Monthly Telecon! The subject of this month's telecon will be "OpenMP Offloading on the Exascale #Frontier: An Example Application in Pseudo-Spectral Algorithms". 🆒

The authors Stephen Nichols and PK Yeung have developed turbulence codes on Frontier which target #GPUs using OpenMP which may have advantages in future portability. 🔅

More details at:

#HPC #Embedded

I'm going to #SC23 in two weeks to present two things:
1) Our tutorial on Multi-GPU programming;
2) A #P3HPC workshop paper "Many Cores, Many Models";; which extends my model/device comparison on the blog from last year (, a preprint is up on arXiv (

[See all our JSC contributions at]


#SC22 #reinvent #HPC I wrote a story for #InsideHPC on my impressions of the supercomputing show and why I think CXL3.0 and custom CPU designs is going to be the future for supercomputers. AWS confirmed some of my thoughts this week. the picture is of a 16 way CXL2.0 switch seen at the show.

Using #SiliconPhotonics to Accelerate #HPC Workloads

This plot shows the time it takes to integrate the Solar System for 5 billion years. In 1950 it would have taken over a million years. Today it takes 1 day. The bottom right point is for our WHFast512 integrator which uses #AVX512 instructions:

Plot made with data from Sam Hadden:

#astrodon #HPC

The 2023 Ubuntu Summit has been living in my head rent free... especially now that it is only two weeks away 😏

If you want to get ahead on your summit game, be sure to check out the posted timetable here: We have excellent talks and workshops across nine different tracks ranging from using #Ubuntu on #ARM-based laptops to using #SLURM with #Kubernetes for efficient #HPC job scheduling.

Hope to see you there, whether it be via a WiFi 🌐 or IRL 🤙 connection!

We are honored to be a media partner for #SC23 with @linuxmagazine

Standard registration ends Friday, October 13. Be sure to get registered now before prices increase #HPC #supercomputing #event #iamhpc

Hi friends! Very excited to announce that I'll be giving an @easy_build Tech Talk on the 13th of October on #AVX10!

The Talk is titled "AVX10 for HPC:
A reasonable solution to the 7 levels of AVX-512 folly"

Registration is free, all #x86, #AVX, #AVX512, #SIMD, and #HPC experience levels welcome!

The page is here:

And you can register here!

Friendly reminder for @fclc’s EasyBuild Tech Talk "AVX10 for HPC - A reasonable solution to the 7 levels of AVX-512 folly" which is scheduled for Fri 13 Oct 2023 at 13:30 UTC.
More info via


The OLCF-6 draft technical requirements have been released. This is the follow-on to the Frontier exascale system at Oak Ridge.



Researchers at ORNL developed a new #opensource cross-platform benchmarking software package just in time for #Frontier's launch in May 2022: OpenMxP

OpenMxP is the software that implements the HPL-MxP benchmark


EasyBuild v4.8.1 has just been released!

We found some bugs (much to our surprise), so we fixed them.

Several hooks were added to customise EasyBuild, incl. one to tweak shell commands being run (see also

More software to support turned up, 83 of them - go check out

All details via



Folks happily running #Apptainer/#Singularity images generated by ‘guix pack’ with native MPI performance on #HPC clusters:

Not really a surprise because that’s a major goal of our Open MPI packaging, but always pleasant feedback.

This is a Good Thing (tm)

If you know any underrepresented groups in #HPC please point them to the HPC Illuminations program


We just released #AOMP 18.0-0 -- our #LLVM based #OpenMP compiler for #AMDGPU.

Go get your copy at


📔🖊️ Call for Papers to #PASC24:
Send us your algorithmic, #accelerated, #ML and/or #scalable works on the interface of #HPC and domain science!
ℹ️ Submit by Dec 1st!

We perform a two-stage review, details here:

Hello scientists in 🇫🇮 and 🌍 - @coderefinery starts next week, and everyone is invited. This isn't a programming course, but extra tools (#git, #testing, #reproducibility, #documentation, etc) needed for a scientist to do programming comfortably. T-Th, Sep 19-21 and 26-28, online.

If you're at Aalto, invite us to your research group to help put these tools into practice - we don't teach and leave you alone!
#teaching #course #RSEng #OpenScience #HPC

The #kubecon schedule is live!! 🎉😍
We are coming back for more fun!! 🤯🦖😄

Come learn about the #JobSet API for running complex workflows/experiments for cloud and #HPC on #Kubernetes!

Let's move to a future of working together in this #convergedcomputing space. ❤️

With apologies (and due credit to you for the original): For #HPC the answer is obvious!
(Forgive our bias.)

Cornelis has an ambitious roadmap for #Omnipath

With the 7th generation coming in 2028, Cornelis Networks will boost port speeds to 1.6 Tb/s and add the HyperX topology

#HPC #AI #Interconnect

IWOMP is the famous annual workshop dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all aspects of parallel programming with #OpenMP.

Check out the program and register on the #IWOMP website at the link below. The price shown on the registration page will increase next Monday August 28, so register now! ☝

Location: University of Bristol, UK
Dates: 12-15 September 2023

#HPC #Embedded

Folks at Texas Tech and several other locations throughout the country can join in Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center's HPC Workshop training on "Shared Memory Programming using OpenMP" Monday Aug. 28 (advance registration required):
cc: @openmp_arb
#HPC #openmp

In this article at I highlight some of the great people and resources that we have to explore renewable energy for #HPC at the NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center ( and the Texas Tech GLEAMM renewable energy facility ( Progress is possible in this area, but it requires work!

Dr. Amanda Randles is the 2023 ACM SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing award winner

She holds over 120 patents, and her well-known blood flow simulation code, HARVEY, has been ported to the world’s top-ranked #supercomputers


#HPC #SC23

We built a small test-bed cluster with two RISC-V boards. Stay tuned for the preprint on porting HPC applications to this hardware.

#hpc #riscv @risc_v

This was a fun, lively, and hopefully useful discussion on some of the background elements and current status of AI both in and using #HPC with @hpcprogrammer and some folks at CIQ.

#JeRecrute (pas moi mais le PEPR NumPEx : du #HPC dans la recherche publique) des ingés sur CDD de 3 ans pour de l’empaquettage, #Guix, intégration continue, etc. :

Blocks and Files looked at how #storage systems compare when using Nvidia’s #GPUDirect protocol, to serve data to and from Nvidia’s #GPUs

#AI #HPC #Storage

Azure Managed #Lustre: not your grandparents' parallel file system - by @glennklockwood

#HPC #AI #Storage

The DiRAC RAC's 16th Call for Proposals is now open.
Find out how to get computational resources on the DiRAC facility here:
#HPC #ECR #Astronomy #Physics

PCI SIG exploring #optical interconnect

"Optical connections will be an important advancement for #PCIe architecture as they will allow for higher performance, lower power consumption, extended reach and reduced latency”


Over the weekend I got to test #FluidX3D on the world's largest #HPC #GPU server, #GigaIOSuperNODE. Here is one of the largest #CFD simulations ever, the Concorde for 1 second at 300km/h landing speed. 40 *Billion* cells resolution. 33 hours runtime on 32 AMD Instinct #MI210 with a total 2TB VRAM.

#LBM compute was 29 hours for 67k timesteps at 2976×8936×1489 (12.4mm)³ cells, plus 4h for rendering 5×600 4K frames.

Been a busy past few days with work, travelling, and fighting off jet lag... but one thing that I am happy to announce is that an HPC community engineering team that I helped start is now officially a part of the Ubuntu project. If you are interested in using Ubuntu for HPC, or just interested in being involved with a community engineering team, you should totally check out this article below 👇

#ubuntu #HPC #openscience #Community

My #HPC container BoF at #pearc2023 was a huge success today. Even though it was scheduled at 8:00 AM, we still had a great turnout. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Does anyone have any research software engineering (#RSEng) or #SciComp related graphics that can be used as stickers or general promotional material? (not tied to any one organization, CC-BY or better)
#HPC #OpenScience #ComputationalScience

Attached are some drafts I did a while ago following the tools metaphor, but I'm definitely not good at this...

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