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PCI SIG exploring #optical interconnect

"Optical connections will be an important advancement for #PCIe architecture as they will allow for higher performance, lower power consumption, extended reach and reduced latencyÔÇŁ


in reply to HPC Guru

this has been clear for some time. The signal gymnastics and distance limits associated with the newest PCIe standards are increasingly intimidating!
in reply to Alan Sill

@AlanSill I would think that with extended reach we will get higher latency - isnÔÇÖt a bit contradicting?
in reply to Yury

@shefys Signal propagation within circuit boards gets increasingly limited at higher frequencies due to capacitance. Optical is not for reach, but to get past this limitation.
in reply to Alan Sill

@AlanSill ah, I was thinking more in CXL context. Board level make sense - signal integrity is a real challenge for sure

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