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Using it everyday to repair borked Windows Installs, data recovery, forensic hardware diagnostics & examination.

Combine with that a very long conversation with Microsoft on the impossibility to customize the desktop experience for dedicated purposes (again someday I will tell that story) led directly to a career in embedded Linux and a lifelong Desktop #Linux supporter.

#TLDR #Knoppix #FreeSoftware #Philosophy #Community #Licensing #Freedom

This is a real Warning. Your, your family and freinds' safety and rights are in growing threat in your home.

Google, Amazon and Apple are now tracking women's intimate history for the police, including in many cases through voice recordings, home device, phone device recordings, search history, forums used, cookies, biological data.

Police are being set on women.

Just the softest warning from google

#women #tracking #freedom #policestate #periods #nest #IoT

Framasoft are one of the few no-bullshit, non-Silicon Valley organisations working to protect your freedoms online and they’ve been hugely supportive of us since the very beginning.

Please support them if you can.

#freedom #tech #privacy #humanRights

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