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An ancient giant armadillo shows South America had humans much earlier than thought

Researchers have found evidence of butchery marks on the back of an ancient armadillo-like animal, suggesting humans were in South America 20,000 years ago -- earlier than many researchers thought.

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Richard Simmons, who believed fitness is for everyone, dies at 76

With his short shorts, sparkly tank tops, frizzy hair and flamboyant personality, Simmons created a fitness empire. He preached positivity, portion control, moving your body — and having fun.

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AI brings soaring emissions for Google and Microsoft, a major contributor to climate change

The tech giants both report surges in greenhouse gas emissions as they double-down on adding artificial intelligence to all of their products.

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Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel dropped as an NBC contributor following outcry

She had zero credibility and a record of lying, gaslighting and making public character assassination attempts against the very reporters, pundits and staff that NBC management was hiring her to work in this position. She was Trump's RNC hatchet woman for nearly 6 years and it was crazy for them to have thought bringing her in was a good idea.

And That Didn't Take Long For Them To Ditch The Trump Cuckoo

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Iran-linked cyberattacks threaten equipment used in U.S. water systems and factories

The cyberattacks have spanned multiple states, CISA said. While the equipment in question, "Unitronics Vision Series programmable logic controllers," is predominately used in water and wastewater systems, companies in energy, food and beverage manufacturing, and health care are also under threat.

I stuck my Head Up to Look At News And Found This

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NPR’s data shows that they lost nothing after being ostracized by the psychotic white billionaire. It counters the idea that leaving Twitter is a loss. Let’s dismiss the idea that we need to be held hostage on any platform.

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Actors take to the internet to show their residual checks, with some in the negative

Guess What Disney Is Writing Checks For

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YouTube will no longer take down false claims about U.S. elections

"YouTube was one of the last major social media platforms to keep in place a policy attempting to curb 2020 election misinformation. Now, it's decided to take the easy way out by giving people like Donald Trump and his enablers free rein to continue to lie without consequence about the 2020 elections," said Julie Millican, vice president of liberal watchdog Media Matters for America. "YouTube and the other platforms that preceded it in weakening their election misinformation policies, like Facebook, have made it clear that one attempted insurrection wasn't enough. They're setting the stage for an encore."

Basically Youtube Wants some of the Advertising $$$ from the Republican Insurrectionists & Their Candidates

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There it is: Germany's second big public broadcaster is teasing, that it will start posting on #Mastodon tomorrow as @ZDF That account has 3200 follower, on #Twitter its 1,4 million.

I'm sure it will start to grow quickly and get a headstart on the other big public broadcaster #ARD, which has labeled its first account a test (@NDR).

Of course it would also be a headstart on the big public broadcasters, that are arguing with #Twitter.

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A lot of people have been asking about NPR and PBS accounts and affiliates on here. Texas Public Radio has just signed up:

➡️ @TPR

We know it's really them as they mention it on their verified Twitter account: (original at

There's also NPR/PBS affiliate @gbhnews in Massachusetts. If you know any others on here, post them in the replies.

p.s. Thank you to @tehjessica for the original post announcing it!

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While #NPR and #PBS have quit #Twitter (without mentioning #Mastodon however), Germany's biggest public broadcaster #ARD and #ZDF are not only already testing their own instances for quite a while ( & The first proper account is now live and posts news articles from northern Germany – @NDR

Let's see, if NPR and PBS find their way here. Oh and where is the #BBC?

#Twitter #TwitterTakeover #ElonMusk #SocialMedia

Thank you, #NPR, for stating the obvious — Twitter is optional, not mandatory: "NPR will no longer post fresh content to its 52 official Twitter feeds, becoming the first major news organization to go silent on the social media platform."

UPDATE: They *seem* to be @NPR here, not sure if that's official.

it's "difficult" but apparently still less difficult than setting up a mastodon instance for #npr 🙁

I wish #NPR would set up their own Mastodon server for their verified accounts.

If NPR has 52 verified Twitter feeds, they'd be welcome on Mastodon.

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