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Several of us overly online biologists spent years quietly doing an experiment on Twitter, trying to find out if tweeting about new studies from a set of mid-range journals caused an increase in later citations, compared to set of untweeted control articles.

Turns out we had no noticeable effect; the tweeted papers were cited at the same rate as the control set.

Our paper, headed by Trevor Branch, was published today in PLOS One:

#SciComm #Twitter #X #Science

Exactly the same content, posted on the same time, to similar crowd, gets 10x more engagement here than on Twitter, even tho I have 10x less followers here.

Why are people still using Twitter for promotion? And some are paying money thinking they're getting a good deal.

#twitter #mastodon #socialmedia #seo #visibility #posting #content #followers #viral

"According to CHEQ, a whopping 75.85 percent of traffic from X to its advertising clients' websites during the weekend of the Super Bowl was fake." #twitter

For #Meta that makes it substantially easier to moderate for the #Fediverse: They only have to keep an eye on accounts, that opted-in to the federation. (Of course, only if they even want to moderate)

For people (say some journalists), who like #Mastodon and the #Fediverse, but who miss some or large parts of the former user base of #Twitter, this will create an incentive to migrate to #Threads even. There, they have potentially all connections.

NPR’s data shows that they lost nothing after being ostracized by the psychotic white billionaire. It counters the idea that leaving Twitter is a loss. Let’s dismiss the idea that we need to be held hostage on any platform.

#NPR #Twitter #SocialMedia #Journalism #Media

Je ne suis pas certain que #Twitter emploie beaucoup de salariés en Europe, ni qu'il y ait beaucoup d'investissements sur ce marché. Quant à savoir si #ElonMusk gagne de l'argent sur le marché européen grâce à son réseau social, permettez-moi d'en douter ! 😆 De toute façon #Elon récuse toute intention de quitter le marché européen.

Last year we released a statement in which we said we will continue “to monitor changes at Twitter in conjunction with internal discussions about whether our presence on the platform will continue.”

We now announce that as of today, 20 October 2023, all our #socialmedia engagements will be from this Mastodon account, as well as LinkedIn and YouTube, and none from our 5 #Twitter / X accounts.

Find out about these changes and more here:

#Carpentries #CarpentriesCommunity

😂 Perfect when dictator Elon Musk will remove his terrible Twitter from the European market 👍

Please Elon remove also all your garbage satellites which are crossing and polluting the space above Europe

Best would be also when you stop selling your Tesla cars in Europe

Elon 🤷🏻‍♀️ we do not need a dictator like you so please take everything with you and go far away

#DictatorMusk #InsaneMusk #Twitter #BoycottMusk #BoycottTesla #BoycottTwitter #DangerousMusk #Europe #EU

The platform formerly known as #Twitter will begin charging new users $1 a year to access key features including the ability to tweet, reply, quote, repost, like, bookmark, and create list, reports Fortune.

@NPR dropped Twitter and maintained almost all of their traffic. #Journalists, get off #Twitter.

#X #Elon

The platform formerly known as #Twitter rolls out a new ad format that can't be reported or blocked.

I guess #unity has decided to jump on the #enshittification bus along with #twitter, #reddit, and all the others.

Musk's Twitter takeover was funded by Saudi-Arabia. That is all you need to know. They have a clear interest in destroying a network that made something like the Arab Spring possible. Musk is their useful idiot.


Could the failure of #Twitter have been the point all along?

I'm still quite skeptical, but with each new seemingly poor decision & "mistake," I can't help but wonder...

“Shedding the hectic energy #Twitter had conditioned me to was an adjustment, but it definitely made life better. And watching the vandalism wreaking havoc on the place formerly known as Twitter makes building so very satisfying. #Science #Mastodon doesn’t even need to grow to be great. But it sure looks like it’s going to.” via @jby

"Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty."

The #1 alternative is Mastodon!

Let's reach out to all our scientist (and non-scientist) friends and acquaintances and encourage them to join the Fediverse. If you still have an account on twitter, post some messages there with links to the Mastodon signup site. Let's welcome them here and provide some gentle hints on how to be productive here.
#Scientists #twitter #Mastodon

I can't even...they're going to remove blocking from #Twitter or #X or whatever the fuck it's called today.

This is absolutely brain-dead. Muting only stops you seeing them. Blocking prevents them replying with shit that others will see, that you then can't see. Removing blocking is just so stupid.

So many reasons why a hard block is necessary from bots to harassment. They don't stop just because you can't see them ffs.

Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, many citing Musk's policies. The most popular alternative for new social media accounts is Mastodon.
#mastodon #twitter #elonmusk

Japan Earthquake Alert App (1.9 million followers) Says Sayonara to X

"[..]We have decided that if we were to spend over ¥700,000 per month that it would be better if this money could go to developing our NERV app and strengthening our ActivityPub servers instead of X’s API. Therefore, we are beginning to cut down on our posts on X."
#X #Twitter #mastodon #activitypub #nerv #gehirn

Content warning: Promoting Mastadon

Musk failed to get the necessary permits to change Twitter’s building signage to X, and the police shut it down just in time for “er” to remain. #twitter #tech #elonmusk #x #twittermigration #twitterlogo #elon #musk

so, I did join #threads because I am seriously sick of #twitter - but, here is the thing- Mastodon- with all its complexities- feels more of home than Threads. I amhoping Mastodon will be the stable alternative to Twitter

“…when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues…”

Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan, The Demon-Haunted World, 1995
#threads #twitter

I’ve slept, woken up and #Twitter is *still* like this. That’s not rate limiting by any normal measure. It’s so broken.

It's really hard to see the murder of #twitter by spacekarren .-.

I’m in shock at the pure stupidity here. Reading 600 posts and rate limited unless you pay. That’s a few minutes scrolling for anyone following a good amount of people. #Twitter

Elon Space Karen has been dangerous for some time now but still we see people all over the #Twitter hanging from chandeliers and throwing feces.

#TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Fediverse

I don’t like to mention that rich guy over at #Twitter, but he’s rambling on about #ClimateChange & agriculture, which is in my wheelhouse. And he is also unabashedly & absurdly wrong.

Misinformation on climate change is irresponsible & dangerous, so let’s be clear:

25% to 30% of global emissions come from our #food system.

As UT Austin’s Michael Webber describes, agriculture is a major cause, victim and - importantly - meaningful solution to #climate change.

More at

#Twitter es la red social más peligrosa para las personas de la comunidad LGBTIQ+

👉Así lo reporta informe realizado por @glaad, que califica a los servicios digitales en función de los mecanismos, políticas y funciones de protección


In case you still don't believe that #Twitter is now full MAGA, it just blocked promotion of a Democratic candidate's ad because it mentions #AbortionRights

European countries have been doing it for years now. A lot of content (including RT) are already censored on #Twitter in #EU

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