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Firefox's move to support privacy-preserving ads backfired.

#firefox #privacy

+1 reason why you must stop using Chrome and, if possible, Chromium browsers

(Upd: link to a post in Fediverse with tech details

(Upd 2: MS Edge seems to have this issue; #Vivaldi also has it but it can be disabled; Ungoogled Chromium doesn't have it at all)

#Privacy #Tech #Technology #Browser #Chrome #Chromium #Firefox #Google #BigTech

It turns out Google Chrome ships a default, hidden extension that allows code on `*` access to private APIs, including your current CPU usage

You can test it out by pasting the following into your Chrome DevTools console on any Google page:

{ method: "cpu.getInfo" },
(response) => {
console.log(JSON.stringify(response, null, 2));

More notes here:

one of many reasons for supporting this #FSFE campaign:

"Public Money? Public Code!"

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS #privacy

“netbeep: Chrome extension to play sounds on network requests, depending on request type and file size” by @combatwombat


> Chrome extension to play sounds on network requests depending on content type and domain. Higher pitch for bigger files.

Reminds me a lot of Tracker Beeper!

#Chrome #extension #privacy


Window's AI-powered Recall feature is an absolute train wreck.

#microsoft #windows #privacy

Get to know one of the experts elevating online privacy 🔐

Who do you want us to interview next? Any suggestions? 🤔

#privacy #interview

When will Nextcloud's release announcements #RegainControl of where their videos are hosted?

So far you've chosen to keep them silo'd off on a #proprietary, #centralized, non #privacy friendly #surveillance platform, ie #Google's #YouTube.

Is this what #Nextcloud / #NextcloudHub stands for?

So far, the repeated silence on this subject has spoken louder than any release announcement.

Does your public library use Overdrive/Libby for ebooks or audiobooks? ⚠️

In the US and Canada, the answer is probably yes. And you should speak to your library staff and commission about it.

Libby is now owned by a private equity firm & making sketchy changes:

The latest development is that their overbroad privacy policy allows them to sell your borrowing history to advertisers:

Thank you @karawynn and @longobord!

#Privacy #Libraries

Uh oh, Mozilla is not on the same page with Google on this!


How awesome is Privacy International? Very awesome.

"We do not accept funding from corporations or governments because we believe that it would jeopardise the independence of our activities."

Warms the cockles of my heart. They set a high standard, and show that it can be met by an advocacy organization in the real world.

#privacy #advocacy

The next beta version of #Signal will be version 7.0.0.
There's a good reason for the round number. This will be the first version where usernames and phone number privacy are available outside of the staging environment.
From this version on, you'll be able to talk to people on Signal without revealing your phone number, and also, you may use Signal without revealing to people who have your number saved that you do.
This is huge.

#Privacy #FOSS #OpenSource #PNP

Crowdfund to support #Librewolf, #Mullvad, #Midori or one of the other Firefox forks who actually care about #privacy, community values and #Linux...?

Can #Firefox only be saved by pulling it out from under @mozilla?

What is Tor and how does it advance human rights?

"Initiatives like Tor are so crucial to combatting today’s surveillance harms. Tor provides an alternate route to the web that allows people to benefit from open and free information without being forced to compromise their privacy."

Follow @torproject and please considering supporting here: #Privacy

"... the website loads in a special browser built into the app, rather than your phone’s default browser. In 2022, privacy researcher Felix Krause found that Meta injects special “keylogging” JavaScript onto the website you’re visiting that allows the company to monitor everything you type and tap on, including passwords. Other apps including TikTok do the same thing."

What the hell?? This is so creepy.

#Meta #JavaScript #Privacy #web #SocialMedia #News #Threads

Join Michael, Ryan and Jill for an insightful conversation with Alexis Noetinger, COO at Murena, as he takes center stage in the latest episode of the @DestinationLinux podcast. In this engaging interview, Alexis delves into Murena’s vision and sheds light on the pro-privacy /e/OS. Tune in to discover more about Murena’s journey and gain insights into better protecting your digital privacy.

Watch the episode 👉

@e_mydata @gael #opensourcre #privacy #smarpthone

Oh wow!

Our Reddit community has surpassed 40,000 members 🎉 ..closing in on the impressive 55,000 users in our forums.

Witnessing such substantial growth in our #privacy-focused community is inspiring!

Join the conversation on Reddit:
#NextcloudCommunity 🚀

Fed up with the “my way or the highway” attitude of mainstream social media?

You can go for one of these decentralized alternatives instead:

#privacy #decentralized

Escape intrusive tracking by opting for one of these browsers:


Fractal 5 is a loaded release with some new features!

#opensource #privacy

Now it's the best time of the year to be generous.

Benefit yourself and everyone else in need of true #privacy: until 31 December, every coin you give to @torproject
is worth double, thanks to "Friends of Tor" @joncallas @mattblaze @wseltzer.

Donate today! 🎄🧅

Looking for storage or collaboration in the cloud that is Linux friendly?

Linuxstans has a bunch of options, highlighting Nextcloud as the best on-premises solution!

#privacy #selfhosting

Here are some privacy alternatives to WhatsApp. Do you use any of them? Comment below! 🐧


Celebrating the Beauty of Open Source!

@techlore shares their experience at #NextcloudConf with a glowing review of the Nextcloud community.

Thanks for joining us Henry!

#dataownership #FOSS #privacy #security

Find out who you help when you support the @torproject, which is protecting the #privacy of millions of people:

"I like to define #opensource as software that respects and enables the #sovereignty of each individual." @webmink gave a stunning keynote at the #NextcloudConference this year. You can watch it now!


Check these eye-opening “privacy audits” for many existing products, by the Mozilla foundation:

I feel like people are just giving up on their privacy these days… but we don’t have to! We should choose products that respect our privacy and support laws that protect it!

#Privacy #Mozilla
H/T @Jeremiah 🙏

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