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Me, to holiday cottage people: is there somewhere I can park my mobility scooter?

Holiday Cottage People: yes, there is plenty of space in the garden

Me: great (buys rainproof cover)

Arrives at holiday cottage. Finds there is a big step up into the garden so no way I can independently get my mobility scooter in there, so has to ask for help.


Part of me is cross with myself with not asking more questions, but really, what part of the words 'mobility scooter' in my question was unclear?

Dear able-bodied people, please do better.
##Accessibility #Disability

Grateful to those at the conference I'm attending who use the microphone instead of asking those of us with hearing difficulties to raise our hands if we can't hear. (& then half the time people speak up for a short period & then speak quietly again).

A gentle reminder that it's really not about whether one likes using the mic, or thinks one is loud enough w/o it, but rather about how one sounds to others, & there are lots of folks w/different levels of hearing out here!

a11y makes no sense. What's wrong with being actually accessible (shock horror) and just write #accessibility?

I dunno what (prob cishet white) ass made an... abbreviation? for #accessibility that is a11y or whatever. It is impossible to read and makes no sense and looks like the word ally which really pisses me off. Please never use this. I hate it.

#dyslexic #actuallyAutistic #PoC


Content warning: UK, Funding for Changing Places Toilets, Accessability

here is an idea

mandatory #accessibility classes for everyone who at any point wishes to build things that others will use

#programming peeps, i'm looking at you
also, scientists who make up the horrible notations others have to deal with, yall are also guilty
- bureaucrats who make crappy paper forms
- artists and art focused websites

I love this #UrbanGreen near me. Instead of creating more road/parking spaces for cars, someone put in this lovely bank of flowers and trees inbetween the footpath and the road.

They have managed to reclaim about 2 parking spaces from cars. I often scooter this way, even if it's slightly further, because the route it much more pretty, quiet, and less dangerous.


Yay, OAKTROUGH is finished to my satisfaction! It provides a really simple and responsive Hugo theme and corresponding CSS that is easy to read and navigate on desktop (with or without vision), mobile, and even in print.

If you have any suggestions, whether re: #accessibility or just general #webdev or #design ideas, let me know!

Get the theme from

See it in action at

I've replied a lot about #accessibility. Just a small thing from me—a designer about the subject: Good accessibility is good for everyone. It's great to consider special needs, but you should also realize they're often less "special" than you first think. A screenreader for example is for anyone who wants to play videogames while their Mastodon timeline updates in the background. This "eyes-free" design reframes accessibility from a question of blindness to one of usefulness. #design

I'm looking for creators of … petition / photographers missing their right hand. I'm working on a #diy #openhardware left-hand grip for DSLR cameras with multiple buttons. #accessibility #disability #careables

Accessibility is important.

Instance admins will be able to enforce media descriptions! #accessibility #pixelfed

Hey, if you're interested in #accessibility prospects of our #Florence project (former #ForkTogether), and you've been a user of matrix or xmpp, could you answer the question linked in this post?

An #introduction!

Hi, I'm Fen! I'm a #nonbinary web dev and #accessibility nerd who's into making zines and RPGs. I just moved here from :black_sparkles:

Code and talks:

Zines and games:

I post about:
:trans_heart: trans and queer issues
💻 programming (mostly HTML and CSS)
👩🏾‍💻 radical inclusion in the tech industry
♿ digital accessibility and invisible illness
🧠 mental illness
:d10: indie tabletops and LARPs
:flow: weird internet junk