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Today we have @Conan_Kudo back on the podcast, the plan was to talk about Change proposals but that happened 2 hours in so have a listen to see how we got so side tracked #Linux #Fedora #openSource #foss



Fedora 40 comes with a refresh of our branded laptop collaboration... introducing the Slimbook Fedora 2!

@slimbook has packed this with exciting features like:
* New black chassis
* US ANSI keyboard layout
* Intel i7 13th Gen CPU
* Nvidia RTX 4000 series GPU
* In 14" and 16" sizes

Learn more:

#Fedora #Slimbook #SlimbookFedora #Linux #OpenSource

Fedora Linux 40 is HERE! Check out all our latest variants for desktop, server, and more.

New features include:
* @kde Plasma 6
* @gnome 46
* Fedora Atomic Desktops (rebrand for Silverblue et al)
* PyTorch / ROCm
* And more!

Learn more and try Fedora 40 today!

#Fedora #Linux #OpenSource #Gnome #KDE

If Fedora 40 had a headlining change, it might be @kde Plasma 6. The KDE SIG have brought over all the hard work from that community to give you a solid desktop experience from day 1.

We're also pushing technology forward by making this release Wayland-only, though X11 apps will still work!

Plasma 6 is also available for our Kinoite users. :kinoite:

Give the Fedora KDE 40 spin a try today!

#Fedora #KDE #Linux #FedoraKDE #Kinoite #Plasma #KDEPlasma

Fedora Linux 40 is officially out now

#Fedora #Linux

I'll always love #Ubuntu because it's so easy to install and setup on any laptop. I can quickly get up and going, and just run a shell script to setup my dev env. Recently been using #elementaryos8 so that the younger ones in my family can play around with Linux safely. I've used #RedHat and #centos professionally. I tried #fedora but it was a pain to find and install drivers.

Fedora 40 is arriving soon! But the beta is here. Learn how to upgrade to that:

#linux #fedora

Fedora Workstation 41 will drop GNOME X.Org session as fallback option

#Fedora #Linux

People are excited about @system76's new, homegrown COSMIC desktop environment. So are members of the Fedora community!

@ryanabx has been working hard to explore this option. However, bringing a spin to life is not an easy task.

If you want to see a Fedora COSMIC spin, pleasing consider contributing! More details below. 🔭

Help with contributions:
Get up to speed on the effort (thanks @BrodieOnLinux!):

#Fedora #COSMIC #Linux #OpenSource

#KDE #Plasma 6 is finally here !! Cant wait to try it with #Fedora 40.

Thanks @itsfoss for the information.

#kde6 #kde_plasma_6 #linux

not sure what to say, but honestly no other OS makes me as happy as Arch. ❤️ :arch:
I wouldn't touch #fedora with a stick after what #RedHat did, and #Ubuntu is not that far, maybe worse on some things.

Fedora Asahi Remix 39 brings Linux to Apple Silicon Macs

#Linux #Fedora #Apple

Join the Fedora side... we have cookies! 😄 :fedora:

Contributors from Serbia got together to translate Fedora sites into Serbian. Medic Momcilo brought Fedora logo cookies for everyone to enjoy!

Here's the how they were made, from 3D printed cutter, to baking, to hosting a meetup:

#Fedora #OpenSource #3DPrinting

SteamOS-like Linux package Bazzite 2.0 is out now for Steam Deck and desktop

#SteamDeck #SteamOS #Fedora #Bazzite

using #fedora for production at daily work. 🙂

Running Fedora 39? You can't be missing these!

#linux #fedora

Fedora Linux 39 is out now with GNOME 45, Linux kernel 6.5

#Fedora #Linux #FOSS

Fedora is now 20 years old! Happy Birthday! 🥳


#linux #fedora

Slimbook reveals the new Fedora Slimbook Ultrabook

#Slimbook #Fedora

Want to help test the latest features of Fedora 39 before the final stable release?

You can do this with the beta:

#linux #fedora

Stability, and being reasonably up-to-date. #fedora

Heads up for @gnome extension developers: you'll have a bit of extra work on your hands for the upcoming Fedora 39 release, as GNOME 45 is streamlining the way extensions are developed, moving to ESM modules.

If you haven't already, check this guide on how to port your work to the most recent version of the flagship desktop environment for Fedora Workstation!



#Fedora #Gnome #Linux

Fedora 39 is coming soon, and it's set to bring some cool features! 🆕 🐧

#linux #fedora

The Fedora EPEL SIG is asking for feedback to improve EPEL via this survey! If you're someone who uses or works on Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, please give it a look. Survey closes at the end of September!
#Fedora #EPEL #Linux

EPEL User & Contributor Survey:

Bazzite is a new Fedora-based Linux distro for Steam Deck and gaming PCs #SteamDeck #Linux #Fedora

> If you are feeling adventurous and want a good challenge for your experience, you can choose Fedora or Arch Linux.

Please explain why you think #Fedora is more challenging than #Ubuntu? Because you need #rpmfusion for proprietary drivers?

We're hiring: Fedora Operations Architect

This new role will involve:

* Being part of the Fedora Council to coordinate and execute strategic initiatives
* Working with stakeholders and FESCo to guide technical changes to Fedora Linux
* Developing processes in the project to reduce complexity and improve outcomes

Learn more:

#Fedora #Linux #OpenSource

Fedora for Apple Silicon Macs!

@AsahiLinux and the Fedora Asahi SIG announced today at Flock that Fedora will soon be coming to Apple Silicon systems.

* Fedora Asahi Remix will be provided for Workstation and Server use cases.
* Fedora Asahi Remix will also become the flagship distribution of Asahi Linux!
* It's a Remix to keep faster development with the goal of eventually just being part of the editions.
#Fedora #AsahiLinux #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #Linux


Earlier today at #almalinux we patched CVE-2023-38403 in iperf3 and released it prior to anyone else in the EL-ecosystem. We promptly submitted PRs with #centos and #fedora.

A lot was learned during this process so we can nail down the processes of doing our own patches while contributing upstream and ultimately deliver on our promises from

#rhel #redhat

I’ve used #Fedora for years, absolutely love that distro. This, coupled with #RedHat’s latest shenanigans are why I’ve distro-hopped for the first time in a long time…I’m only community-run distros from now on. #ArchLinux for desktop and gaming, #Debian for servers.

To some it’s not a big deal, and I won’t fault them for using whatever they want. And there’s a ton of great people doing great things with Fedora but Red Hat seems to be going out of their way to destroy goodwill.

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