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Kali Linux 2023.4 Release Adds #RaspberryPi 5 Support With #GNOME 45:

@kalilinux Linux, the popular #hacking-focused Linux distro has a new release in the form of Kali #Linux 2023.4, which offers some #important changes.
– by @itsfoss


Watched the last episode of TechOverTea by @BrodieOnLinux , with Georges Stavracas, a great lead dev in Gnome, Wayland, you name it. The amount of shiite and harassment he, and many other FOSS people have to suffer is simply staggering. And no, it's not 'them', it is from the 'free and opensource community'. It's by us. Think about that and let it sink in. We have to do better for them and act, no coffee talk. As a true community.

#foss #gnome

GNOME gets €1M funding from the Sovereign Tech Fund

#GNOME #FOSS #OpenSource

GNOME foot logo

my #rpi5 will get #gnome, i hope 8GB will be enought, if not #xfce

GNOME all set to drop X11 in the near future.

#linux #gnome

Heads up for @gnome extension developers: you'll have a bit of extra work on your hands for the upcoming Fedora 39 release, as GNOME 45 is streamlining the way extensions are developed, moving to ESM modules.

If you haven't already, check this guide on how to port your work to the most recent version of the flagship desktop environment for Fedora Workstation!



#Fedora #Gnome #Linux

GNOME 45 released with dynamic workspace indicator, camera indicator and much more


Transform your GNOME desktop with ease using the Just Perfection Extension! 🖥️✨

#linux #gnome

What's going on with my #fonts in #gnome recently? I have a nice font selected in #gnomeTweaks but it's using *this* ugly thing. Yuk!

#linuxOnTheDesktop #linuxDesktop #openSource

A screenshot of part of a window for the Oh My SVG app. The font for most of the text  - title, button, labels is a chunky displeasing font and not the one configured (which does appear to be used for the numbers on a slider control)

A standalone editor has been introduced with the latest release of GNOME Crosswords.

#linux #gnome

Want a nice _and_ reliable #calendar application for #GNOME and #Linux desktops (& #mobile!) in general, based on the @EvolutionGnome data server?

Know some #C #programming and looking for a well-scoped challenge to get your feet wet and put those skills to use in #opensource?

#GNOMECalendar could really use your help to write unit tests, so that we can use #TestDrivenDevelopment #TDD #CI for #refactoring all timezones-related code and make it reliable. Now is the time!

The "Anime girl hiding from Terminator" meme, with the Terminator captioned "The automated tests we need" and the anime girl hiding under the a desk captioned "The current GNOME Calendar codebase"

I've never created extensions for #Gnome, but as a webdeveloper I think the change is a right step. #JavaScript uses ESmodules, it's a standard since many years, so now maybe more JS programmers can start creating extensions for Gnome. I just hope it won't be too difficult to rewrite some of the old useful Gnome extensions.

I chatted with @BrodieOnLinux on Tech Over Tea!

• My #Linux origin story
• Hubris of new designers (me!)
• Cloud gaming
• #Stadia
• #PlayStationPortal
• #EndlessOS is the secret cabal
• Importance of meeting people behind projects
• #GNOME Design
• Origins of elementary OS & Pop!_OS
• Spicy takes

…and a whole lot more! It was a blast, and I’m sure there’ll be shorter clips in the coming days if the two-hour runtime is daunting. 😅

#OpenSource #design #podcast

GNOME 45 is just around the corner, here's what to expect:

#linux #gnome

Unlock Hidden Features: Discover 7 unique things in GNOME's Activity Search!

#linux #gnome

Accent colors are now a standard preference for Linux!

And endorsed by #GNOME, #KDE, #CosmicDE, #ElementaryOS, and #Budgie, at that!

#Linux #FOSS #Freedesktop #Flatpak #xdgportal

I'm in humanities and I experience #gnome as the only de that does not get in my way while working.

happy birthday #GNOME, I hope the rhat @gnome team had fun in deliverinf us an ourstanding DE for the past 26 years.

GNOME turns 26 today! 🥳🎉

Share your experience with Gnome! 🐧

#gnome #linux

Happy Birthday GNOME!

“15 August”

the perfect gtk/Gnome client.


Yes please thank you.

The 'Activities' button always translated really awkwardly to any of the languages I use. Hint: it's because 'Activities' is a _terribad_ descriptor of what the button actually does.


New Ubuntu Store promotes snap only, GNOME 45 alpha and France privacy breaches
In this week’s #Linux and #OpenSource podcast, we have the new #Ubuntu App Store that will demote deb packages, we have the alpha of #GNOME 45, and #Fedora proposing to add telemetry in a future release.

Ever since doing the initial completion support in #phosh 's osk-stub I wanted to add a generic "unix pipe" like completer. phosh-osk-stub would feed the program preedit on stdin and read the completions from the program's stdout.

That is there now and with that and some more changes I can use @zachdecook 's #swipeGuess to do swipe like typing. To be clear: all the hard work is done by swipeGuess, phosh-osk-stub just piggy backs on it:

#LinuxMobile #gtk #gnome #librem5

GNOME Takes Big Step Towards Fractional Scaling #Linux #GNOME #Youtube

I learned so many neat things about #GNOME, #FlatHub and #endless in this interview with @BrodieOnLinux and @ramcq

I'd love to see more OSS developers linking up with content creators and telling their stories, there's so much to learn from in this interview!

A new 'System' panel is set to be introduced to GNOME's settings soon!

#linux #gnome

GNOME's display settings all set to receive a makeover!

#linux #gnome

After fighting with its users for years, the GNOME project finally implements a thumbnails-based option in the file picker. That it was a good idea was obvious to everyone for a long time.
#gnome #desktop #linux #filepicker

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