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Ever since doing the initial completion support in #phosh 's osk-stub I wanted to add a generic "unix pipe" like completer. phosh-osk-stub would feed the program preedit on stdin and read the completions from the program's stdout.

That is there now and with that and some more changes I can use @zachdecook 's #swipeGuess to do swipe like typing. To be clear: all the hard work is done by swipeGuess, phosh-osk-stub just piggy backs on it:

#LinuxMobile #gtk #gnome #librem5

At this point they should just rename it to #GTK, just like they did with #GNOME.

The 77th edition of my weekly collection of news about #LinuxPhones (@PINE64 #PinePhone, #PinePhonePro, @purism #Librem5 and such), #LinBits, is out!

The end of the year in Linux Phones, let's have a last LinBits: A new #Maui Shell for phones and tablets, #postmarketOS v21.12, #Mobian on the PinePhone Pro, #GTK 4.6.0, an app-list replacement prototype and more!

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